Journey Crimean women from Simferopol to Kiev

In the good old days, when between Simferopol and Kiev was a train that I often visited the capital, because I love this city (How not to love you, my Kiev!” – this old song today Crimeans are particularly relevant).

But in the last two years, do it rarely, as the road became more difficult, and crossing borders – it’s all for me stress: I can not get used to the fact that we shared. But recently finally decided on a trip, very much wanted to be back in Kiev, to breathe its free airand see old friends.
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Music page of 23 July

I somehow got sick. I don’t like, although I know a few people who get sick with pleasure. Maybe if I could afford it, like them, to just go and lie on the bed, taking care of relatives, idly staring at the TV, read books and sleep, then perhaps I would have another day to cheer in pleasure. But not used to that and because to hurt is not love. Hurt on his feet and looking for ways to support yourself and to mobilize. Not so much. To not fall into a high style about the duties and responsibilities, I will say only one thing – music.
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ZappLight: led light bulb that also kills mosquitoes

Although we have not yet got the virus of Zeke, but his vector mosquitoes even without virus — the vile and nasty creatures. There is hardly a man who likes mosquitoes and which with pleasure listens to them squeak. Hearing this, there is only one desire — to kill. And here comes to help led light bulb-killer ZappLight.
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Robert Sheckley – the prophet of the “economy of experiences”

Original taken from skald_ragnar in Robert Sheckley – the prophet of the “economy of experiences”

For thousands of years mankind did not know the problem of motivation to work. For the vast majority of people labor was required for basic survival. Only a few, the rich, can go to the next level of motivation – from the “reduce suffering” for “the multiplication of pleasures”. In our time, the paradigm of “multiplying pleasures” moved a significant amount of the population of developed countries. Pueblecito for many has become the main meaning of life, without exaggeration.
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Helpful hints from overeating!

Original taken from avtomat_kx in Helpful hints from overeating!

Regular overeating is a common problem which often leads to excess pounds and growing the “lifeline” to the waist.

But even if we feel satiety, sometimes you just can’t give up a piece of homemade cake, being a guest or sitting at the computer or watching TV quietly can eat a mountain of nuts or candies. To know exactly how much food need for our body, it is necessary to count calories, but few will agree to do it, so here are 10 tips that will help not to overeat.
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