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The wolf walked slowly and silently, his paws sank deeply into the snow. Clouds of steam escaped from his mouth, saliva dripping from his jaws. Painful I wanted to scratch behind the ear, but the wolf knew that to itch now is not the time.

When the hare is caught — then as much as you want.
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Photorealistic pictures drawn by fingers

Original taken from anti_chief in Photorealistic pictures drawn by fingers

Spanish artist Jaime is One of Okubo writes amazing hyperrealistic paintings, as a brush is your finger, and the canvas serves as a touch display. For creating movies Jamie spends hundreds of hours, but the result is worth it. Now his works are exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, and to the artist came to fame.

The artist himself convinces everyone to take up painting, with no extra costs for materials and tools: “If you have a tablet or smartphone… then you have an entire art Studio in your pocket”.
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Samsung introduced an external SSD with the interface of Type-C and volume 2 TB

Last year, Samsung introduced its first portable SSD drive the Portable SSD T1. Now the South Korean company introduced a higher capacity model, surpassing the previous version by several parameters. At the same time, Portable SSD T3 has much in common with its predecessor. For example, it also uses vertical NAND (V-NAND) memory, allowing read/write reaching 450 MB/s.
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Country where do not steal. How is this possible?

Original taken from aquatek_filips in the Country, do not steal. How is this possible?

When I say this, many people don’t believe me: how can it be that not stealing? It does not happen, everywhere steal.

Happen. And the recipe is simple…
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Patriot is not a position, it is the diagnosis…

In Russia there is a popular fun Shit to those who do good to you. Loves at us the people cut the branch on which it sits. For supposed greatness of the country, ordinary people are willing to suffer, starve, lose my job, I just wish TVs came the call: “We are great and invincible.” Moreover, in the Americas and Europe devalued the greatness in a good job, house in a prestigious area, decent car, good education and medicine. The greatness of Russia is transformed into the March of the herd on the 4th of November, 300 rubles and 50 grams of cognac, stinking from Kizlyar, the total price increase of commodities, the impoverishment of the population and as a result the complete collapse of everything.

Recently spoke about how she reacted to sanctions against Turkey in one of the offices of the Turkish company in Moscow. Managery different link delivered unforgettable pleasure gap pukana of the Russian President and his rhetoric against Turkey. Imbeciles do not understand that tomorrow they shut the company, they will remain on the street, with bare ass. But patriotism, you bitch more than food for the elementary children and the good of mankind. Morons absolutely do not think that even if they go into a Russian company, and they are lucky, because unemployment in the country has reached the level of 98-th year, where they won’t be honey. insurance, white wages, human working conditions, and so on. They’re scum, and ready for a bestial existence, just fucking Putin was on TV and shamed the Turks.
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