10 dangerous indoor plants. They need to know!!!

One of the most dangerous plants recognized as spurge. All parts of this plant contain a poisonous SAP that can be cause severe burning, skin blisters, and in case of contact with eyes, even temporary blindness.
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Podolsky junkman. The story in the first person

It’s eight in the morning and our city is still asleep. At eight in the morning sleep all except Baker Ivan Nikonorovich, evanego brother is the worst enemy of Paul Nikonorovich. They were tight, the bakery was shared, but brother Paul was jealous of Ivan for his wife, though he lived a happy life with their uncle. Paul has poisoned his wife and opened his own bakery, and on the left.

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Stalin! The international conspiracy to murder!

Life chiefs, of course, interwoven with high governmental policies, so it is always full of guile, cunning and blood. And there’s nothing particularly amazing. This is the story of Basilico.

They say that under Stalin in the USSR was fear, and therefore was the order.
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