How I spent my summer.

Original taken from lev_sharansky2 in How I spent my summer.

Woke up late afternoon. Opened Twitter, flipped the ribbon, in Bulk, Baronova, Varlamov, Belanova, Germline and Ukrainian euroblogger made chetye retweet and five likes. Then I started Facebook, read fresh posts Shenderovich, Arkady Babchenko and Anton Gerashchenko, likno seven posts, repostnul Sasha Sotnik. Brewed fresh espresso, croissants and immediately posted it to my instagram. Wearing (and not wearing!) fashionable sweatshirt and jeans with podvorotni jacket with bow tie and checkered shirt, did the obligatory selfie, which also quickly posted to instagram. Got fifteen likes on a photo with espresso in the morning is definitely a success. Took out of the closet your gyrometer and stick for selfie with fan. Combed beard and mustache, and began to choose what shoes to wear oxfords or desert boots. Eventually settled on the sneakers – they fit perfectly to my chinos. Before leaving do not forget to smear sunscreen so as not to burn in the sun. In the Elevator not without lifelike, which was immediately posted in indiagram. It certainly wasn’t fair, but on the threshold of her house, checked in at foursquare.

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About technology turning people into a herd

Crowds of adults and serious (!!!) people rush through the parks and streets are busy (!!!) catching cartoon characters. They already shot. You can even be arrested for disorderly conduct. And anybody in a head will not come that bullied! While the most blatant way. Bullied and make money.
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The Shadow Of Turkey

Don’t understand why everyone is so tense, unraveling who was behind the military coup in Turkey. In my opinion, everything is obvious: the coup organized by Vladimir Putin to take revenge on Erdogan to solidify his power. Now the Turkish President has become a full-fledged agent of the Kremlin, seeks extradition of the organizer of the coup of USA and NATO military base is a sluggish skirmish between supporters and opponents of the coup. Of course, all work for the FSB. All have closed the topic.
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The games were a joint development of the CIA and Google

Original taken from varjag_2007 in the Games was a joint development of the CIA and Google

With the help of the game developers will be able to look inside of any institution

The game is about catching pokemon, which brought the world crazy, was developed by an internal startup of Google, whose Studio bankrolled the venture Fund of the CIA, created in 1999 year.

This was on the basis of its investigation, announced the employee of the publishing house Eksmo, Dmitry Rus.
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