Polish “Change”

On 8 and 9 July in Warsaw will host a NATO summit. The event will be massive and will collect up to 2 thousand people, it will be attended by representatives of 28 countries – members of the Alliance and 28 delegations from partner countries. It is planned that the summit will arrive and will hold a series of meetings the President of the United States.
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The RUB. Partners of Gazprom in Nord stream-2″ refused to create a SP

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Ukraine is opening a Western front

Poland — residents of the border with Ukraine have addressed with the collective letter to the Minister of justice of Poland, the attorney General, the Director of the Polish Institute of national remembrance with the requirement to prevent the proliferation of criminal and totalitarian ideology of Bandera and their symbolism. The authors need to bring Ukrainian nationalists to criminal liability.

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Unusual smiling soldier of the great Patriotic War.

Medved soldiers Wojtek

Wojtek (1942-1963) — a Syrian brown bear found in Iran and taken into the pay of soldiers of the Polish army of Anders (the so-called Second case). According to legend, in the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy helped the Polish gunners to unload the boxes of ammunition and even tray shells during the battle, it became known among Polish and British troops.

The name “Wojtek” is a diminutive form of “Wojciech”, an old Slavic name that is still widespread in present-day Poland. It comes from two words: “woj” (the root of “wojownik”, warrior, and “wojna”, war) and “Ciech” (pleasure). Thus, the name has two meanings: “he who enjoys war” or “smiling warrior”.
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Klimkin and stoned women

A group of hostile Polish guards were not allowed to enter the territory “zhechi Commonwealth” musicians of the legendary Ukrainian Patriotic group “Ot Vinta”. “The Beatles”, “Deep purple”, “others”, Iryna Bilyk, Ivo Bobul – world hall of fame rock music band “Ot Vinta”, founded in 1993 by three Rivne veterinarians, occupies a prominent place. As the influential Ternopil website Svinomatka specializing in music reviews, these guys are the leaders of Ukrainian rockabilly scene.
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How some animals get their names?

Original taken from p_i_f in How certain animals got their names?

We know a lot about animals, talk about them children about them, watching movies and studying them. But you asked the question why some animals were named that way, and where did words like “cat”, “dog”, “cow”, “giraffe” and other?The word “animal” is old Slavonic, and it was formed from the word “belly”, which meant “life”.

For a start it is worth mentioning the animals that people can meet directly at their home. It should be noted that the word “house” is one of the oldest Indo-European words. It is believed that in ancient times it was written “domus”. From him, in Latin, was the word “dominus” meaning “master” or “Lord.”
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National idea: somewhere in a parallel galaxy

In short, the national dream today has undergone significant changes. No desire to leave the absolute majority remained, however, the conditions today are not the same. Damn Kremlin trolls “broke” the poles, who began to fan anti-Ukrainian sentiments, tighten access control. Let’s just say the worst happened de facto abolished the so-called “Polish card”. This is the most important instrument in the Arsenal of the patriots of Galicia, along with information about mental retardation, schizophrenia and the presence of the Oedipus complex (you suddenly have to take the position of speaker?).
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