Is it possible to track the signal of the radio? History and modernity of the question

Almost all the forums devoted to radio, periodically the question arises whether it is possible zapelengovat a working radio. The most “advanced”, who still remembers the basics of physics, the answer is that it is possible because the receiver has a local oscillator that radiates, others say that is impossible. The question was relevant 30 years ago, when people secretly listened to “voices”, but now you can hear horror stories about that if you configure the receiver on the “militia wave”, the owner immediately come.

So can we or not? Try to understand and experiment.
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[The sandbox] How life began: LEGO in the washing machine

Recently visited with children at Moscow’s interactive Museum of Living Systems (metro Savelovskaya). Among other things, caught my eye an interesting experiment on the topic “how life began” with Lego bricks. In the washing machine lay scattered Lego Duplo and after an hour or two removed. The output meet the design of two, three and sometimes even four parts.

The experiment was designed to show that the primary broth could be formed by chance complicated connections and life in General.
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Acer Predator 15: when the game is worth the candle

Gaming laptops (those that do are somehow imprisoned in the game, and are not a universal multimedia-household models) are now experiencing not the best time. On the one hand, the world of PC iron the last 2 generations have been in relative stagnation. On the other… casual players have otbirali just multimediawiki (and fu-fu-fu console), and hardcore gamers laptops is usually small.

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Paws up!

Original taken from vasilisa_vasya at Paws up!

This cat named Keyes one morning surprised the host that stood up, lifted her legs up and froze in this position for some time. Well, he took a picture, and almost forgot — but the next day the Case repeated the trick. And now it is repeated with enviable regularity.

Эта кошка все время поднимает лапы вверх, и никто не знает — почему

GON from Mikhalkov

Broadcast from the TV screen and strongly to condemn something that he previously tacitly approved is a sure thing. But all this has now become possible, and fashionable – here and broadcast. Say “shut up” – shut up and switch to something that will become a new topic, which can send curses against unnamed enemies. It is in the instinct of such people like Mikhalkov. Literally like rutting animals. Only this error is not corrected, and does not save Russia.
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Arctic ocean – the inner space of the Russian world


A breakthrough in the Arctic for the Russian people had a special sense — he was preceded by the breakthrough in space. The similarities of the polar space with space is obvious: neither one nor the other suggests the presence of a person, and his survival is not due to the environment, and in spite of it. Arctic, then the space, selected the best individuals close to as Superman. Arctic purified people.
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5 books for the summer, which advises you to read bill gates


Bill gates is one of the few really famous in the industry of people who regularly voiced their list of books to read. He was echoed by a young colleague — mark Zuckerberg — Facebook specially created in a separate community A Year of the Book, which together choose the most significant book of the year. Also online you can find other selections of literature that are particular prominent in their field the person considers important, but, apparently, only bill gates can get real feedback and learn that he prefers to read the richest man on Earth. The former head of Microsoft for this purpose have a personal blog, where he describes his impressions of new products.
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