Shore at sunken fortress

…Have been another version of what the level of the Black sea not long ago was much higher, but… the next 2-3 thousand years this could not be, since Anapa is a place where literally by the sea (2-3 meters from the level of) growing junipers tissi sometimes 2-3 years…

In the place where I wanted the pipe of South stream dipping and near the cottage of the Patriarch had built, I was fishing from the boat, so the captain claimed that from the shore 200-300 meters there is a wall of the fortress, the edge of which the surface to 2-3 meters (but I didn’t dive in for what bought for sell)

The estimated location of the flooded walls

Pierce (short, near which something round), the boat moved away from him and took to the right in the direction of the village Sukko (the name is), about half way between Sukko and the pier from the shore about 300 metres this wall (according to him is not deep, can it stand). And the pipe to lower wanted around Sukko, he is in the valley between the mountains is worth (according to the CEP in the village had a big problem with the sewage system (in peyreleau but now established)). And the mountains there just strange how the cake is cut almost vertically.
Below are some pictures of the surroundings with a distinctive post-flood coastline.

Or here.

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