Friday. Beyond time and space!

Tothe Committee of our GStates and Bsafety lived, lives and will live! Forever!

Original taken from zolotaya_dolina in Friday. A tavern out of time and out of space!

A masterpiece by far. Direct nothing to comment, everything in its place Powder probably already under the table.
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Soda is just a universal tool!

Original taken from rama909 in Soda – just a universal tool!

Original taken from astori_18 in Soda – just a universal tool!

Don’t pay for expensive softener for meat is the same, our soda, but in a beautiful wrapper. You need to get the meat quickly fried -protesilas, and even that was soft? I’m not stupid, I want all commercials. What do we do? Rubbed a piece of soda for a few hours in the fridge. Before cooking, I soaked the meat in running water, remove the rest of the soda that their spirit was not. Even the old polovinu in this manner it is possible for the young veal to mow.

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