The terrorist state of Ukraine


Almost every Olympics is now accompanied by military provocations from the West. Only in 2012, when the Olympics were held in one of the “bulwarks of democracy”, London was relatively quiet, apparently, the commercial interests of big business outweighed the desire to hurt Russia.
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I don’t remember, it was just here or not, because so many who walked blog for some time. Although hardly anyone was, there was only father Michael, who all zablocie.

I was returning from the store, heat, stepped out of the Elevator, remember that become worthless, your heart, came out, tried the stairs down and fell head against his blunt, disconnected. Fortunately, the downstairs neighbor was found in his pocket and called the last phone, rushed the fool (the name will not sound). Soon, even the cops came, but because of the fixation of death was not, they left. As can be seen in the er, or something someone said, or have brought, in General, this idiot decided that I was dead. Brought into the 7th. He still was drunk, yelled at it, called the mother from the country, sent ex. Lifted all on ears. I woke up without documents, because he took them and, phone, keys. This moron’s night came to an apartment, and the laptop started to write garbage, and one of the laptops he took with him.
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How to wean neighbor’s cat shit on the lawn: we use computer vision and deep learning

To discourage a cat from the habit to leave “gifts” on the lawn, you can use different ways: a snare for small animals in homemade traps of boxes with a brick on the lid and the bait inside, traditional methods like smeared with garlic citrus peels. Finally, you can sit all day with sneakers in hand.

Engineer Nvidia believes that to do so with the neighbor’s animals — as it is not neighborly. Besides, he wanted to try neural networks in practice. So he used a more advanced method: he took an Nvidia Jetson TX1, IP camera Foscam, cost to develop Particle Photon, is connected to a relay, and a home irrigation system. Cats wet — but alive and healthy.
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An overview of the game system GX700VO

This review focuses on a very unusual device. More precisely — the system consisting of two devices: a gaming laptop with a full desktop graphics card NVidia GeForce GTX 980 (no index M), and the dock, which built the external liquid (!) cooling system for laptop. As they say, for the first time in world practice. And finally to you to intrigue: standard packing of this system is a full — fledged signature suitcase on wheels.
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Russia and China kill European metallurgy

Seven countries, including France, Britain and Germany urged the European Union to take measures to save choking metallurgical industry, which has suffered from falling prices and cheap imports from China and Russia.

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"the Idea of the existence of a certain religion “Hinduism” was created by Western imperialists…"

The he Baba: In 1972 I met in India Dutch Professor Fritz Stoll, a remarkable orientalist, educated in the field of Vedic religion, rituals, Sanskrit grammar and philosophy. He invited me to visit the Department of Oriental studies at the University of Berkeley, USA, which he headed. By that time I had already been initiated into the order of Puri and lived in India for five years, wandered together with the woman, was fluent in Hindi, taught Sanskrit. I was 24 years old and I looked at their stocks of money – in my bag only had a few paisov – not enough even for tea. And I began to think – here I will grow up and what will I do how to earn? Now I could have been someone in the West call yoga Federation, Kiev, but in those years, if you claimed that the masses of ordinary people will practice yoga, you’d be taken to a psychiatric hospital. The West was considered that yoga is for crazy people, hippies taking psychedelics, etc. And I thought – maybe I should be a Professor of Oriental studies? And I decided to go back to the States.
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The history of Boxing in Russia

Original taken from avtomat_kx in the History of Boxing in Russia

At all times and in all cultures pugilism was considered a worthy and popular sport. In Ancient Greece a fistfight included in the program of Olympic games — and nobody considered it shameful to see a real male fun. In Russia, the tradition of unarmed combat existed since ancient times. Slavs have always been known to Europe as a strong and intelligent warriors: men of any class and any kind of training from childhood he studied martial case. Today we will tell you about the history and the fate of Russian fist fighting — a tradition that admires each, in whose veins flows Slavic blood.

История русского кулачного боя
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