Once homeless kittens have become avid travelers

Original taken from kapitan_flint1 in the Once-homeless kittens have become avid travelers

These homeless kittens a few months ago was found in the bushes behind the dumpster at a local Park. My first thought was to refer them to the local orphanage, but that day he was not working. The next day, the people who found stray animals, has planned to go for a two day trip with kayaking, not found to whom they could leave, so I decided to take them with me.

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My little Padawan

The government of the Russian Federation will continue previously taken the policy of privatization of state property, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday 21 June in his speech at the held in Magnitogorsk the forum of the party “United Russia”, reports TASS.
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About 120 homes in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk de-energized because of the shelling from the APU

About 120 private homes in the Petrovsky district in West Donetsk de-energized as a result of night shelling by the Ukrainian army. This is today GIVEN to the head of the district administration Maxim Zhukovskiy.

“As a result of shelling deenergized substation to provide street Veterans and the Path of Socialism, 120 private houses remain without electricity. Energy already at work during the day, plan to fail” — said the Agency interlocutor.

In addition, according to Zhukovsky, as a result of hit of the Ukrainian projectile burned the outhouse down the street is Good, 62.
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Love the baby boxes on the echo

Thanks SW. mkarev, which resulted in his recent post statements Alexei Venediktov about the baby boxes. Let’s project the situation in the space of “business English”.

Here’s the moment that got me hooked:
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What distinguishes the liberal from liberata?

Recently one of my good friend and colleague, a man of sense, have shared such an interesting dialogue. He asked an extremely aggressive configured to liberals interlocutor: “But you can clearly answer – who is the liberal?” He mumbled something and squeezed it: “a Liberal is… liberast”. Try to understand what the difference is, to continue to not give such stupid answers.
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Reconstruction – short

The key root of the problem – mass to adjust the values of old words and concepts to the standards of the 18th-19th centuries.

Roughly speaking, where it should translate “Junior is absolutely dependent relative”, a “slave”.
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Paul Craig Roberts. The West has reached samorazdrazheniya

I, Michael Hudson, John Perkins and a few others have talked about multistage robbery of the peoples of Western economic institutions, mainly the new York banks through the International monetary Fund (IMF).

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