Digital bartender. Arduino project for adult beginners in electronics. Part 1

I have a lot of friends. Young men, middle-aged men and of course ladies of all ages. Probably all. It is difficult to determine the age of the modern woman. Yes, and not very desirable.

So. The children of my friends and acquaintances to the best of their ability, I take electronics. Build little robots, beetles, fireflies of all sorts, and even lightsabers. Children almost always work and of course, they run to brag about animated electronics parents. And so over and over again. But one day one of my friends, looking for another surge of pride in his daughter says – I want to delve into this electronics and programming, and maybe even something to solder. No question. Let me show you how to build a robot on a wheeled platform. Will travel along the strip on the floor. Or game will do, Python for example, or just pomogaem LEDs, or … went Through many examples. It turns out if for beginners, all some baby, if not for children, it is absolutely not for beginners. Something is wrong! Need lessons for BEGINNERS, ADULTS electronics. Let it be – digital bartender or a machine for mixing cocktails.
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Tomsk scientist entered the top 200 the world’s best programmers

Томский ученый вошел в топ-200 лучших программистов мира

Young scientist Tomsk Polytechnic University Pavel Khaustov entered the top-200 of the best programmers in the world by the project Codeforcesthat unites people from different countries who are interested in and participate in programming competitions.
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Microcomputer programming LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0. Introduction

Hello. In my articles I want to introduce You to the basics of programming microcomputer LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0. For application development I use the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 (MRDS 4) and National Instruments LabVIEW (NI LabVIEW). Will be considered and implemented tasks automatic and automated control of mobile robots. We will move from simple to complex.

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Doubt and fear are the two main blocking frequencies. The pineal gland

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For centuries it was known that the pineal gland (epiphysis) is a cooperation body between the higher dimensions and physical reality. It can be called a portal between the individual personality, the brain and the Divine Mind. Metaphysicians, such as Descartes and Edgar Cayce, defined it as “the dwelling place of the soul”. More precisely, the pineal gland is the “bio-star gate”, a bridge between physical and non physical, between duality and the higher dimensions. It is very complicated, and it is a three-dimensional screen from the brain to the Infinite Mind.
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Moscow is satisfied with the government of Sevastopol — will increase the program of major repairs of habitation

The Ministry of construction and housing of Russia, most likely, will not apply penalties due to the incomplete execution of programmes of capital repair of housing in Sevastopol from the Federal budget has been allocated 850 million rubles.

About it today journalists in Sevastopol, said Deputy Minister Andrei Chibis.
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Why men live less

Факторы риска и продолжительность жизни
risk Factors and life expectancy

“We are not doctors and, especially, not gerontologists, so do not criticize us for not knowing medicine. Just listen to us without criticism, and maybe some of the things that will be useful to you in your work”. Thus began the report of the two mathematicians at the Moscow Congress of gerontology, commercials, in 1964-1966. I read the report in typewritten publication and write, remember. I will write in the first person. The report never was published. Continue reading “Why men live less”