The good news of communism (2)

Recognition of the injustice of the world is not yet Manifest. About this property built by the people of the world wrote and spoke many thinkers. The Manifesto complements the historicity of injustice the most important discovery. For the first time the oppressed have opportunities and means to overcome the injustice of this world. It is a kind of social gospelwith which to turn the world Communist. And for its realization it is necessary to live and to die.
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Toynbee on the intelligentsia

интеллигент Владимир Луков

Comrades continue to break down the adventures of the Orthodox wing of the Russian liberal intelligentsia. Here tov. pozharny got to revealing replicas of some of the regular site (the link will not give me back the provider is not allowed) — Vladimir Lukov.
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