Free censorship and democratic propaganda


Sometimes, getting acquainted with news from the world of democracy, I feel Paganel, who came across the strange unknown insect. Just a delight feeling on the correct shapes of wings, antennae, and other spiracles.
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The collapse of the Ukrainian information “Gestapo”

Start with the unimportant and uninteresting, at first glance, the fact that one of the Vice-head of the “Ministry of truth” (the state propaganda organ headed by the godfather of the President Yuri Stec) Tatiana Popova resigned. And in a sign of protest against violations of journalists ‘ rights, pressure from the state on the independent media.” No special resonance this move did not cause. All discuss some skirmishes with other fighters under the building Obolon court, where injured national guard and new police officers. Well, filed Popov resigned and, as they say, to hell with it. Who is she? This is the most interesting.
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Day Bodybody.

Well, remembering the dead, while living with the device to put…

Any day of the year in the country can compare with the victory Day! This is the most joyful, and at the same time the saddest day in the history of the country. No nation in the World can not, so sad and so happy as Russian. Russian phenomenally know how to remember the victims who died and just gone to the other world. The reason for this lies in the history of the people. We so fiercely defend our history, which, by the way, many don’t know that sometimes it is scary for the mental health of society as a whole. But, opening this history and re-reading, realize and understand that people who never lived humanly, simply, but to die and bury each other, do not know how. Agree, how can you live if you don’t know what will happen tomorrow?
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Vox populi 25 years later


25 years have passed since that time when was destroyed the Soviet Union, almost as much separated our country from October 1917 up to WWII. During this period a whole generation for which there is no life in Soviet times. And now new research polls designed to find out how many people would vote for the preservation of the USSR today? What would be the outcome of the referendum on preserving the USSR, it took place today?
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Under pressure from Berel Lazar, the Perm authorities give the Chassidim the earth for 50 million rubles?

Original taken from psyont in Under the pressure of Berel Lazar, the Perm authorities give the Chassidim the earth for 50 million rubles?

Original taken from delyagin in Under the pressure of Berel Lazar, the Perm authorities give the Chassidim the earth for 50 million rubles?

It seems that the Perm authorities have driven themselves into a trap. What will they do if suddenly accidentally cultural center, land for which will be donated to “the Jewish Wahhabis”, will include the coveted Perm Hasidic synagogue (the construction of which as a religious object is possible only after public hearing)? Will they destroy the illegally constructed object, at the risk of becoming a victim of the propaganda hysteria and blatant accusations of anti-Semitism, or rape the urban community to take the legally required public hearings consent retroactively, or go to a direct violation of Russian laws and pretend that nothing happened and that the Jews are above the laws of our country and its citizens?
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What the media says about casualties in Iraq?


The ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack on a shopping centre in the Iraqi capital, during which several people were taken hostage. This was reported by satellite channel Al-Jazeera. According to him, victims of the attacks were 19 people, another 48 were injured.
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