The future of “left turn” in Latin America (research report)

In July of this year, spoke at the conference of European latinamericanists in Salamanca (Spain). Decided to dedicate the theme of his speech to the prospects of Latin American integration and in General “left turn”. Fellow latinoamericanos consider it insane to talk about the future of the leftist governments at a time when the region takes place and in full swing there is a shift to the right. But I think at the time. The owl of Minerva flies at midnight, on the way out of the impasse at the time to think when the maze seems hopeless. Here is the full text of the report at the conference.
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Visa-free temple of faith

How so? They are in Brussels and we…here. Tolerant. Wait. Hope. Already a table reserved in Paris. For the summer. However, in the “McDonald’s”, with your food, but the view which the tower takes your breath away and blows my mind. All believed in visa-free with the summer of 2016. Used to believe in January 1, 2015. Then in the third fourth third quarter of the same year. Tried my best. Underfed, put subsidies in the envelope, suffered abuse Krol and taught the programming language “Python”.
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