Miroslav Berdnik: I am accused of terrorism, and I was just saying what I think

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Alexander Chalenko,columnist Ukraina.ru:– Remember how police searched your apartment. How it all began?

— I have serious health problems. A few years ago I was given a very difficult diagnosis, then was in connection with the operation. I was first given a disability, but then the Kiev doctor, which on the table in the reception room stood the check boxes of the social-nationalist party “Svoboda”, did everything to ensure that I took it, calling me an enemy of the Ukrainian people.

And all because of our dispute over the renaming of Likhachev Boulevard, the famous Director of the automobile plant. I remember saying to him: on released its factory cars traveled half of Ukraine, why should be renamed to Boulevard Mary Pryimachenko.
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Gmail warning about encryption

Recently Gmail started to warn the server that the sender is literally Domain example.com not encrypted this message and viewing the letter to display an open padlock (details in the help google). The wording in the help center for a long time I was misled: If the received message or draft appeared red icon cracked icon , this means that the message is not encrypted.. It means only that the letter was not transmitted via an encrypted Protocol, nothing to do with the encryption of the letter of the padlock has no. For a long time this phrase has baffled me and “googled” me in the wrong direction while more experienced friend to guide me.

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[The sandbox] the control Unit preheater Webasto (Arduino + Webasto = Ardubasto)

I installed on the car before starting the Webasto heater. After installation it became clear that management is not a discrete signal (like on my previous cars), but only via digital bus wbus. Bus W-bus electrical parameters is an analog bus K-line and has an integral Converter K-line – RS232TTL is the L9637D chip. On this chip, based on Arduino and it was decided to make the heater. The task was complicated by the fact that the Arduino only supports the transmission Protocol for the serial port no parity, and Protocol, W-bus operates from the port settings are 2400/8-E-1. To bypass this were removed waveform start command Webasto and the Webasto team to implemented timing delays.

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Round table “climate Change: science vs. politics”

Свежая карта озонового слоя Земли: над Антарктидой традиционный минимум

Yesterday, 27 November 2015 at the press center of news Agency REGNUM was a round table “climate Change: science vs. politics”. The organizers did not hide that the reason for the meeting was beginning at Paris summit on climate change.
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