The terrorist state of Ukraine


Almost every Olympics is now accompanied by military provocations from the West. Only in 2012, when the Olympics were held in one of the “bulwarks of democracy”, London was relatively quiet, apparently, the commercial interests of big business outweighed the desire to hurt Russia.
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Kremlin bums in the bosom of the revolution

Analyzed the composition of staff of the Revolutionary right-wing forces. He (headquarters) organized the third Maidan, which is a continuation of the second and a direct descendant of the first. Was horrified: some provocateurs, agents of the FSB, the separatists, “jackets” and Yuriy Karmazin (the leader of the “Defenders of the Fatherland”). As reports the edition “Ukrainian truth”, the Maidan 3.0 is funded solely by the Kremlin. Information support is carried out separatist propaganda websites and TV, controlled personally by Putin.
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Times: NATO must save the Arctic from the Russian threat


Curious to track the jumps and antics of our “partners”, as soon as they arrive in pain points. Here, for example, Russia is regaining its former Arctic presence, i.e. being in those polar regions, which is always actively attended by the Soviet Union, and which were in fact left modern Russia, until the last few years.
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