Justice in Finland

protecting your home from burglars migrants, the host received much more time and fines than the robbers

Three refugees, among whom was a woman, armed with guns and baseball bats, broke into the city of Hyvinkää in the house of a local resident with robbery. At this time in the living room there was only one man. In self-defense he was forced to use a kitchen knife, reports the Finnish newspaper Verkkouutiset.
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Putin was on the side of a fag

Not to rock the boat? Won’t: she’s already tipped as “Bulgaria” and draws the Board. Let’s not rock – let it down

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The President signed a law criminalizing the family, the decriminalization of bribery and beatings on the street.”
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Instead of time – Corporal punishment.

from meRemember in the 90 I worked as driver from Kuban. Came from vacation and told.

They say they have organized themselves in the village of Cossacks and one of the first decisions was public flogging of one mount carrier – Cossack on the square near pole.
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Long live the Sharia court, the fairest court in the world!)

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Some logic in the actions of Islamists can be seen. The commander apparently valuable combat unit, so they just throw.

Original taken from viribusunitis1 in LIH is relentless struggle with homosexuality

While Putin’s falcons bombed positions of ISIL militantsin the Islamic state is relentless struggle with homosexuality under Sharia law. The commander of one of detachments by the name Abu said al-Jazrawi raped 15-year-old boy. Both were overtaken by a severe but just punishment by the Sharia court: the boy was executed by dropping from a tall building:

How to beat a wife?


“In this Chapter, I will discuss what to do if a woman who has the happiness to be your wife, goes the wrong way. The right way this women has four constituents: humility, modesty, fear of husband and the awareness of the vocation of mother and wife. All these components produce humility in marriage, and the marriage, as you know, the basis of society and the world.
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Public reprimand

Almost two weeks have passed since the closing of our exhibitions in the Ural Federal University. This event caused a public outcry and was widely reflected in the media. I was toldthat condemnation is not enough and what do we see? Central “print” roller drive according to one of the startups scandal. The instigators have made a sort of public censure.
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