The history of the ROC. Historical background.

In my opinion, the most serious blow (as part of the property of the persecution) of the Church was the destruction of shrines, confiscation of items used in the Sacraments, and destruction of Temples. Why this way was a movement – it is clear. The expropriation of the expropriators. And the Church in the minds of the common people (alas) were associated with the bourgeois class. Why has this happened? This question not only to the Bolsheviks, but to the Church itself.
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The structure of the point 10 November 2015

Very interesting and indicative transmission Valery Fadeev flashed on television screens on 10th of November of 2015. It’s amazing how clearly the question of revolution captures the positions of various political forces of our society.
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The sun can not burn is not fire wood

солнцеNAUCA cannot give a picture of the universe is not its function, and what speaks published below the article.

Prologue from the editor

Science hundreds of years of studying the nature of heat did not even respond to a simple question: is there a calorie! Molecular-kinetic theory of heat, tectum a fever as increased energy of particles of the body. But that leads to povysheni of the energy? The collision between the particles? But, in this case heat is transferred through a vacuum? The fact that a heated body does not gaining weight is not the argument: not all bodies are attracted to the magnet, not the fact that the Law of Gravity is fair for all matter, particularly for caloric.

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Landslide in China. Yesterday

Strange landslide, he clearly tried to become a geyser.

Blame the dump and rain. The thickness of the clay layer up to 10 meters.
To the place of landslide no one is allowed.

The main question for me: how do INITIALLY so much clay at the local hills?
In a million years she would all the landslides came down – seasonal-showers. Then the hills appeared just yesterday.

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The GULAG life-giving makes

Мюнхаузен“Johnny, do me a mounting”: “kiss” – “chick” – “baby”. This scheme, which the historians hide the historical process.

And when you ask a question: but that’s impossible! For example to build the Dragon rolls, on the level of technology and population, we are just talking about historians, it should be iron argument of Baron Munchausen on the question whether it is possible to pull yourself by the hair from a swamp: “you see, gentlemen – I’m with you!”

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