The SUCCESS of Putin’s RUSSIA – the main goal of the information war


Our country is a country of contrasts, and even though the media created a negative image – has a huge potential, a lot of outstanding achievements, rebellious people and tasks that run no matter what. However, we are experiencing and the high pressure from the West affiliate with the world community, not regretting neither forces, nor means, nor conscience, trying these same achievements to hide, to hush up or distort.
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Google Street View got to Miniature Wonderland

And he did it with the help of a miniature camera of the train. The largest train layout in the world “Miniature Wonderland“, c length of railway routes almost 16 kilometers, which is located in Hamburg, was filmed for Google Streets. For this purpose they used a miniature panoramic camera built specifically for this task.

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From past to future and back…

Øaeropoezd of the Soviet Union

History of technology is inexhaustible. Especially impressive are those chapters that are associated with inventions, did not go into production. Or almost gone. Flight of design thought seems particularly lush from a distance of 80 years. Meet sharopoezd, I almost turned the idea of rail in the USSR in 30-ies!

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Russian “God of sabotage” — saboteur Starinov


“Our Russian Skorzeny”, — said about this legendary person a fellow reporter, having read the book of Colonel starinova “notes of a saboteur”.
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From the history of the “dark ages”

Глаз СахарыThe artifacts indicate that “the stone age” – an age when built of natural stone megalithic structures and cities such as St. Petersburg, “ancient Athens”, Melbourne or Cape town, ended in the 18th century – all unique technologies had been lost, began to build houses of wood, durable and built of brick.

I have completed an article on “the restoration of the national economy” in the 18th century – the construction of Railways in Russia and in Africa. And then arrived an article about the forgotten war.

I remember there was a movie “the Unknown war in the East”, made in English and translated into Russian. There was solid science fiction to a Western audience – the war of the USSR against the Nazis. To a Western audience that, in spite of documentary footage and realized that this is nasuada true.

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