Typhoon "Lionrock"… not washed Vladivostok

Frightened we frightened a few days… this Typhoon. Then he added that he can connect with a following cyclone.

MOE even recommended to refrain from traveling (and from work is not recommended? – ironically asked a colleague of mine), stock up on “matches with bread and water”…
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The depth of the treasure

On the shores of lake Yalpug, in the Izmail district of Odessa region, treasure hunters have found part of the legendary treasures of the Huns. At the depth of 10 cm under the ground using metal detectors, they found a small gold plate, ornamented. Found plate is very thin, like foil. Rather, it is part of the upholstery of the seat or clothing or helmet of a warrior. We will remind that in 2006 in this place treasure hunters have already been found a treasure of gold objects, called “the treasure of Attila”. The total weight of the findings was about two kilograms

In Moscow, the treasures lie at a depth of 7-10 meters.

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Acer Predator 15: when the game is worth the candle

Gaming laptops (those that do are somehow imprisoned in the game, and are not a universal multimedia-household models) are now experiencing not the best time. On the one hand, the world of PC iron the last 2 generations have been in relative stagnation. On the other… casual players have otbirali just multimediawiki (and fu-fu-fu console), and hardcore gamers laptops is usually small.

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The history of the Soviet Union in the cover of the weekly magazine "Time"

AndStina, in detail.

Original taken from amarok_man in the History of the Soviet Union in the covers of the weekly “Time”

The first, the second went

Night watch…

These pictures reminded one dream that I often see. Coming home (Bryansk, up to 18 years lived there) and always in the same place, he looked up at the Sky, saw the beginning of the Grand Parade. Fell on his back, vimas into the Ground, trying to be inconspicuous and get a better look at all this fabulous performance. Gorgeous and terrifying in their grandeur and scale of the Quadriga horses, or Gods, or Heroes in a Regal, shimmering gold colorful clothes, cars, like ancient fairy shallop, painted a room with “passengers” and just “shields” with the soldiers on them menacingly floated over me. Ended with a “procession” always “fight”, but rather “cook” some “of malathi”, completes the procession…
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Memorial Mannerheim: an analogue statue of Truman in Hiroshima.

What can be compared to the installation in the Leningrad memorial plaque Mannerheim? The examples suggest themselves. And what is it? Neoplasia sauce kvazipatriotizm? Yes what kind of patriotism can be discussed here, even with the prefix “quasi”…
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About care

Very good post comrade wrote v_i_n_o_d_e_l about the reburial of Lenin. More precisely, concerning the poll, which interviewed citizens about Lenin. It turned out that citizens, in General, have a positive attitude to Lenin, but rather approve of his reburial — the wet dream of those who hates Lenin, struggling with the memory of him and the entire Soviet period of Russian history. The answer to the question why (or rather private version, not claiming to have the truth and finality) I suggested last week in the suburban electirc.
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[recovery mode] 7 weirdest things that offer hypermarkets electronics on February 23

By “Day of the defender of Fatherland” in many large stores of Russia has prepared their selections and advice. Look at the most bizarre suggestions for a gift for a real man, who sometimes raise a smile:

Gift #1

“Perfect” is a strange gift offers store Media Markt, or rather, a gift for a real man “hair Styler”. Sava my hair, and what are you not a man? 🙂
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Went out for wool, came back trimmed.

Many women are not descended from monkeys, but from crows or magpies. These ladies pull on shiny things, glamorous, luxurious, bogatoe! No, by itself it’s not bad. Who among us wants to live in abundance? Everyone wants a Mercedes, salary preferably in the.e. house in TSAT hundred meters, rest a few times a year to Goa and the other Courchevel, and so on and so forth diamond caviar for Breakfast. But, first, let it be, you have to work, or rather, earn, or know a nice place to sit down in a leather chair and quietly to cut the budget of the country, for the benefit of a loved one. It just so happened in the country that is rich, truly rich, who know where and how to find loot not so much, and all the women their just is not enough. The rest, as a rule, not very rich friends. No, dear reader, should not think that in Russia there are poor. We are not poor, as stated by the President. We have just 90% of the population beggars or poor beggars. So all is well and stable. The law of Economics, if the family spends on food more than 40% of income, they are poor, and if more than 60%, they are poor. But, we will not move away from the topic.

Rich people, very rich people, usually have a number of zebov. He’s remains in place after the Bank account exceeds twenty million dollars. Fucked these gentlemen are different. While working on their first profession, I’ve seen different friends, whose money drove the roof. One, for example, flew from St. Petersburg to the hotel, every weekend, just to down roulette and slot machines 3-5 million rubles. He had no goal to win, the goal was simply to lower the bubble cloud. Second companion was fond of, went into female toilet to peep, by the way, many ladies would not mind, as reported by the hotel security. His fortune was estimated at several tens of millions of dollars. Another comrade, periodically beat their passions. And they did it with feeling, really, and beat until then, until the woman’s face turned into minced meat. Anyway, we all have our fucked up, just someone critical, and someone not. The phone rings:
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