The good news of communism (1)

Usually when we take some work, just as the miners extracted from the earth they need rocks, we searched and found discussed in the works of ideas. To transfer such an experience to Manifest is not possible because the gangue in it almost none. Because the only thing that remains is, when reading a document written almost 170 years ago, to compare the text with other and modern realities. I mean that we, the followers and the followers of those ideals, the struggle for which is the subject of the Manifesto, is to compare his worldview with the above in the Manifest.
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the resistance of a material

Original taken from re22ka in the resistance of a material

Only the master can give the guarantee and not 100%.

Manual glass cutting fraught – charted track glass cutter, held a couple of times – but no – a chip off the slicer and went to the side.
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HyperX Cloud Drone — worthy does not mean expensive

Hi, GT! Recently I told you about the flagship HyperX Cloud headset Revolver, everything is great… except the price. No, their money it costs, but not everyone has the opportunity to give 10-12 thousand rubles for “headphones with microphone”. Today’s post is about another headset, which takes the opposite position in the lineup HyperX Cloud. Model Drone — the most that neither is the “entry ticket” into the world of easy communication and online battles.

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Reading the tragedy “Faust” by Goethe (1)

Of those reports that we have available – this latest. The author Marina S. – always pleased participants of our meetings and readers of the blog a non-trivial look at the discussed problem. But not only the originality of judgments, reports our friend is a striking phenomenon in the meetings of the Face. All her thoughts and positions are always the fruit of deep reflection. Marina nervously, sincerely share with us pressing issues facing it in the reading of a work. So final – so far, the other authors until the Summer school report on “Faust” by Goethe.
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A complete collection of video tutorials on basic school subjects from grades 1-11

Posnovatelnee! Yay!

Original taken from davydov_index in a comprehensive collection of video tutorials on basic school subjects from grades 1-11

A great way to help your child to learn, to refresh, to remember or to repeat the main topics in any subject with 1 on 11 class. In accessible language and with memorable examples. Crib weight in gold!
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[Sandbox] inhouse movies/TV shows/TED in Anki

Essence in the following: using written programs automatically break English subtitles movie/series for individual fragments. Also automatically creates a tsv file for import into Anki ( that contains English and Russian transcript translation (if you have added Russian subtitles) of each fragment.

Then import into Anki and looking at the whole film as follows:
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The Dutch police were able to crack PGP BlackBerry protect

Law enforcement agencies of the Netherlands, the division, which is engaged in various studies in criminology, said gaining access to encrypted e-mail messages on a custom ultra-secure BlackBerry phones, called BlackBerry PGP. In these smartphones, the emphasis is on protection of user information, including e-mail messages.
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A closed universe for Housewives

The idea of writing arose after reading articles about self-contained Universe here. Actually, even more after reading one of the comments to the article:

Trying to explain to someone something through the formula… bad job. Who can translate this article on the level of Housewives?

Well, my dear Housewives (and their husbands and children), shall we?

Everything in the kitchen!

Translated by Yandex Translate