Revolt in Turkey: first impressions

It so happened that the acute phase of the coup, I watched Twitter (and some people). The corner of his eye caught breaking news in the tape, and then went to bed, until it became clear that the coup breaks. That is, in my estimation, everything was decided about eleven Friday night, two Saturday night (Moscow time), July 16.
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Faith and action. Or on historical responsibility.

Not as the interpretation I want to note this closeness of faith and action. The list of deeds performed by saints and righteous, we see how faith always takes action.

Today the Church celebrates the uncovering of the incorrupt relics of one of the most revered saints of the Russian land, the PDP. Savva Storozhevsky, which occurred on 19 January 1652, But today I’d like to tell you about something else.
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Russian history from Catherine II


Екатерина ВтораяStriking fact: the history of Russia repeats the history of Ancient Rome to the smallest detail; they are similar, like two cars of the same series, issued by the factory — albeit with a gap in 1168 years.

Is the Roman chronicler to mention Persia due to the war, and his Russian colleague and be sure to respond with a margin of 1168 years in the chronicle places the message about the successful campaign of Stenka Razin – in Persia.
Is the Roman to announce the beginning of the struggle with heretics, as in the Moscow Chronicles – again with a difference of 1168 years – starts to struggle with exactly the same heresy – somewhere in Novgorod. In some places it actually looks fun: with the same gap in 1168 years, the monarchs are absolutely synchronous marry, their rulers as synchronous die, and the young princes are victims of impostors. Continue reading “Russian history from Catherine II”