About (not) exceeding the limits of self-defense

Or about exceeding the limits of necessary defense, because the law is not “self-defense” is “self-defense”. Talk about weapons sooner or later face with this theme, around which there is a lot of speculation and myths.
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Typhoon "Lionrock"… not washed Vladivostok

Frightened we frightened a few days… this Typhoon. Then he added that he can connect with a following cyclone.

MOE even recommended to refrain from traveling (and from work is not recommended? – ironically asked a colleague of mine), stock up on “matches with bread and water”…
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5 books for the summer, which advises you to read bill gates


Bill gates is one of the few really famous in the industry of people who regularly voiced their list of books to read. He was echoed by a young colleague — mark Zuckerberg — Facebook specially created in a separate community A Year of the Book, which together choose the most significant book of the year. Also online you can find other selections of literature that are particular prominent in their field the person considers important, but, apparently, only bill gates can get real feedback and learn that he prefers to read the richest man on Earth. The former head of Microsoft for this purpose have a personal blog, where he describes his impressions of new products.
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American Line division of Ukraine.

Original taken from natamax in the American Line section of Ukraine.

Saw new photos of partition of Ukraine on the map, and I don’t get it, what it is. Started looking and that’s what it was.

“Yesterday, watched the new series of the popular American TV series “Secretary of State” (Madam Secretary) and saw an interesting message… In the story, after the collision of Russian and American armed forces near Mariupol (where, pobedili, estessno Americans…), Russia and the United States, at the talks in Switzerland are divided nenka…
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"In the end, life abruptly changed" – interview with possible successor to Putin

Original taken from dima_piterski in “In the end, life abruptly changed” – interview with possible successor to Putin

10 French comedies for a good evening

10 французских комедий для хорошего вечера

The French original throughout, including in the cinema. Their movies not to be confused with the other: the humor, the characters, the relationships, the emotions — spirit of France. And when they joke, then watching it is a pleasure!
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Swine flu: symptoms and treatment

Original taken from bisant at Swine flu: symptoms and treatment

&nbsВирус A/H1N1 under an electron microscope PHOTO

Initially, this type of influenza was circulated among swine in the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, Kenya, mainland China and other countries. This dangerous virus can infected people, birds and other animal species, and this process is accompanied by mutations.
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