Passions around Britain’s membership in the EU is heating up

Threat to NATO in the referendum on the secession of England from the EU saw the General, commander of land forces of the USA in Europe, reports The Daily Telegraph.
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Vox populi 25 years later


25 years have passed since that time when was destroyed the Soviet Union, almost as much separated our country from October 1917 up to WWII. During this period a whole generation for which there is no life in Soviet times. And now new research polls designed to find out how many people would vote for the preservation of the USSR today? What would be the outcome of the referendum on preserving the USSR, it took place today?
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Switzerland prepares Bank coup

Швейцария готовит банковский переворот

In mountainous European country is preparing for the referendum on the refusal of the principle of fractional banking reserves. On fractional reserves underpin the entire global financial system. The principle is that banks are required to hold directly in the repositories only a small portion of deposits. Everything else they can easily invest in the free market or to give away as credits. The typical ratio of investment and reserves of 10 to 1.
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TOP 5 fantastic events 2016 in global politics.

Decided to write a post in the format of the alternate history future. What events can happen in 2016? A fantastic event, but nevertheless is able to be realized. This is sort of my personal wishes nastupaushim year global policy. So here goes:
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The USSR was incredibly stable: after the coup 53-the year when the anti-party group has been ousted anti-Soviet, Trotskyist anti-constitutional gang of Khrushchev-Zhukov, prior to the adoption of the Constitution of the capitalist was exactly forty biblical years. When this broke everything that can break and de jure USSR was still alive – after all, no one procedure to end the USSR was never made! And, most importantly, the USSR is alive in the hearts and minds of citizens, acelasi these torn areas.

Originally posted by rahmon17 at the ILLEGALITY of the all-UKRAINIAN REFERENDUM on 1 DECEMBER 1991

“Russia – are you nuts!”(C)

In 1953 year he was made a coup, seized power parturiate. For forty years the traitors of the Communist party led the people, breaking it over his knee. Elections to the state Duma of the first convocation has played a role of referendum, which showed that the nation is not crazy, despite massive brainwashing and not from the USSR refused…

Originally posted by friend at “New political year”, which never happened. Memories of ‘ 93 the year

22 years ago, on 12 December 1993 took place the memorable meeting of the “New political year” — the liberals that illegally seized power in October 1993, was going to celebrate his next victory — in the elections to the State Duma of the first convocation. But there it was…
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8 little-known facts about elections in Venezuela

While in Venezuela there will be elections, will look at the features of the electoral process in this interesting country. I tried to choose a few little-known facts that clearly demonstrate the democratic nature of the current government in Venezuela, well, just a number of entertaining and interesting facts:
1. Since 1998 (when Chavez chose) it is the twentieth (!, anniversary) electoral campaign in Venezuela. In fact, every year there were held certain campaign – referendum, parliamentary or presidential elections, regional, etc. Who would dare to accuse Venezuela in the absence of democracy?

2. Of all twenty campaigns, the government lost just once. It was in the 2009 referendum on amending the Constitution. The amendments were very radical. In particular the proposed reduction of the working day to 6 hours and the proclamation of Venezuela’s socialist government. Then the Venezuelans were afraid of radicalism.
3. This is the third election without President Hugo Chavez.
4. Voting in Venezuela is automated 100 percent. This system operates in the country since 2003. That is important, the voice of the voter the ballot paper is duplicated. This so-called practice of “double” or duplicate Golovnia. Thus, the possibility of falsification is actually minimized and it is possible to verify two sources – paper and electronic. Therefore, all sorts of insinuations about the fact that in Venezuela “draw” the voices I decline immediately.
5. Currently in Venezuela deployed thousands of 14.5 electoral centers with 40 thousand electronic machines for voting.
6. The day before the election in Venezuela introduced the national “prohibition”. And rightly so, because to make important political decisions need sober. There is a lot to learn.
7. On election day public transportation becomes free. In this way the authorities facilitate progolosovat people living in remote places, the Barrios of Caracas.
8. The election campaign the government was administered in 1H10. The principle which declared even Chavez. Its essence is that for a confident win should lead to “the polls” 10 million people (the Venezuelan electorate of about 19 million). To ensure that adequate attendance of each member of the ruling party PSUV must agitate to come to vote at least 10 people. Such a network structure is obtained.
Waiting for the outcome of the vote.

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