Turns out the Union quality of products was higher?

Питание СССР

The German edition Der Freitag writes that the poor quality of made in Russia food has absolutely nothing to do with any economic crisis, no Western or Russian sanctions.
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The beginning of the end Groisman

On the hundredth day sample government Prime Minister Groysman feel the end. This happened not once, since the task is not easy. Had outsourced to attract experienced foreign consulting company. Made a plan find the end, clearly painted all deadlines, responsible executors. Was a huge bureaucratic machine. Super-managers, alumni of Harvard, Cambridge and the Vinnytsia Institute of hotel industry workers were successful: were found the end of corruption.
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Spring psychosis

A Ghost is haunting the coalition in the Parliament. The speaker Groysman personally seen the Ghost, talked with him in the bathroom and in General was pleased with appearance of this intangible substance. What he, the speaker, and reported flustered, impatient Sucasa legs of the Brussels public. He told me personally, is the capital of the Manneken Pis, to dispel any doubts about Ukraine’s ability to make a decisive step. Point.
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Reconstruction – short

The key root of the problem – mass to adjust the values of old words and concepts to the standards of the 18th-19th centuries.

Roughly speaking, where it should translate “Junior is absolutely dependent relative”, a “slave”.
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It is time for popcorn. Not sure how it happened, but, despite the harsh decommunization, in Ukraine it is accepted to mark another, usually “historical” anniversary of the revolution. Of course “dignity” and not the capture of the Winter Palace. You just don’t realize how many patriots want to see the lighting ceremony “of rays of a gidnost” on the main square of the country, which became part of the beautiful necropolis.
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As the junta carried out the transition from socialism to capitalism

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…As you know, January 1, 1961, the country has carried out a new monetary reform, which occurred a simple exchange of old banknotes for new banknotes without any confiscatory component. Though actually all was not so simple as it seems at first glance. Traditionally this reform represent a denomination, since to the uninitiated the townsfolk all looked pretty simple: the old Stalinist “puttee” was replaced with Khrushchev’s new “wrappers” that are substantially smaller, but more expensive at face value. In circulation banknotes of the sample of 1947 were exchanged without restrictions for new monetary units of the 1961 pattern in ratio of 10:1, and in the same proportion changed prices of all the goods, tariff rates of wages, pensions, scholarships, allowances, payment obligations, contract, etc.
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The power of imaging and the importance of character

Suggested image and the symbolism says only one thing: everything and offers today can be addressed only in one way: everything that enhances the quality of the barrier on the door – should become; which leads to the ease to categorically refuted. And the same thing in the attitude of the actor behind the proposals and activities.
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