Kiev – Cassiopeia North star

Nothing new in the opening of the next political season, no. Yes, it was more dogs in Mariinsky Park, where they stroll together with the national guard. police to prevent destabilization of the domestic situation. Count three shepherds and one Rottweiler. Steel seal manholes blue stripes, on which to parse the number (of yesterday), some kind of acronym and the words “sealed”. Again, all the matter in the inner enemy who does not shrink from anything, including sewage.
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The project “Ukraine” may be closed this fall

Øisoprene Ukrainian identity

Original taken from nnils in the Project “Ukraine” may be closed this fall

The other day former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko criticizing the current President Petro Poroshenko for his factory in Russia, issued Ukrainian media following tirade: I can not imagine that Churchill was a factory in Germany, for example, in 1942 or 1943″. *
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Ukraine: the third year without haloperidol

I’m sure you all know that the Kremlin was trying to disrupt the holiday season in Crimea, which has repeatedly hired convicted criminals, which gave the employees of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. As a result, the millions of Ukrainians who wanted to relax on the Crimean coast to their bodies to cover up the “Fatherland” from the invasion of armed Russian aggressors were forced to change their plans.
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And so palyatsya on the trivial stupidity of the official

Original taken from marafonec in Israeli official: the defeat of ISIL – to the detriment of Israel

Original taken from wowavostok in Israeli official: the defeat of ISIL – to the detriment of Israel

The head of military intelligence of the Zionist regime of Israel recognized the fact that the defeat of the terrorist group ISIS in Syria and Iraq will turn out to harm Israel.
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When tomorrow comes

You to understand that if “religious ritual” (an expression of the Minister of internal Affairs) were sent to the parishioners of the UOC-KP, Greco-Catholics, Buddhists, Jehovah’s witnesses, there are no problems with security would not have arisen. When gays at the behest of holders of European values held a parade in front of the University, almost by battalions from the ATO didn’t. Or fit? I don’t remember. But there’s a special case. Broken monopoly on the conduct of processions, including a torchlight, acts of sodomy in the Central square, which is owned by the last-the “revolution of gidnost”.
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Wealth and power are transmitted exclusively through inheritance

The study showed that the English ruling class exists since the 11th century, has disproportionately greater potential to belong to modern elite, and no rotation there’s no
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Visa-free temple of faith

How so? They are in Brussels and we…here. Tolerant. Wait. Hope. Already a table reserved in Paris. For the summer. However, in the “McDonald’s”, with your food, but the view which the tower takes your breath away and blows my mind. All believed in visa-free with the summer of 2016. Used to believe in January 1, 2015. Then in the third fourth third quarter of the same year. Tried my best. Underfed, put subsidies in the envelope, suffered abuse Krol and taught the programming language “Python”.
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“Moderate” Islamists with rockets “earth-air”


The Saudis are in favour of supply “moderate” opposition missiles “ground-air”. Very interesting, reasonableis, the opposition with SAM. It’s kind of like our Yavlinsky to give the T-90.
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Today, as always, yet another historic day. Yulia Tymoshenko, who on the news of “the Ukrainian truth” is found through “Google-translate” the leader of the faction “Rodina” has reached the age of a teenager. Thanks to Botox she can blink with a frequency of one “clip” per minute. And you have to bounce on the chair, because the body is looking for a back skin and finds a seat. Dramatic rejuvenation of Julia shows her willingness to attack the dastardly Kolega and to tear it napadenye toes.
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It is time for popcorn. Not sure how it happened, but, despite the harsh decommunization, in Ukraine it is accepted to mark another, usually “historical” anniversary of the revolution. Of course “dignity” and not the capture of the Winter Palace. You just don’t realize how many patriots want to see the lighting ceremony “of rays of a gidnost” on the main square of the country, which became part of the beautiful necropolis.
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