“R. F. Ungern-Sternberg and the Asian Cavalry division”

“To stop the pass arrived, as usual, the Mongols — fly like the eagles of the steppe. Surprise — one of them knew a few words in Russian: “Moscow”, “Komintern”, “international”, “Lenin”, “Karl Marx”, “Browning” and “revolver”.
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Troops of the NKVD in Kyiv boiler”

Troops of the NKVD during the great Patriotic war is not a mythical detachments with machine guns behind the advancing red Army (the image is inspired by the man in the street due to the extensive anti-Soviet mythology which flowed down from each iron for more than three decades).
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These different “A”

Original taken from begemotoff in Such a different “A”

It’s not just about the first letter of the alphabet, and those cases where it was proved to be the first letter of the August name, and as such became part of the Imperial monogram. With modernization known to stretch the monogram could be called “Royal logo”. Although the essential scope of the Imperial symbolism was not Commerce, but the army — banners of its regiments, and shoulder straps of its soldiers.

Historically, the most common letter in the monogram of the Russian army was. About her and will talk, and for simplicity restrict ourselves mainly to the last period of the reign.
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We vparivayut different story

Post written almost a year ago due to the hype of preparation for the celebration of the 70 anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic War.

I think it is very relevant because with Putin started with a discussion around our history.
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Devil winds race "white masters"

Many have seen the reproduction of a famous painting battle artist Vasily Vereshchagin “the Suppression of the Indian revolt by the English” (1884), according to the legend, the same British redeemed and destroyed.
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The history of the introduction of epaulettes in Russia

Original taken from alex54sar in the History of the introduction of epaulettes in Russia

6 January 1943 73 years ago in the Soviet Union shoulder boards were introduced for the personnel of the Soviet Army.

The order of people’s Commissar of defense of the USSR No. 25 of 15 January 1943
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