What’s wrong with Christmas?

A week ago last weekend the weekend in Nizhny Tagil was held the celebration of “Christmas eve”. More than a hundred children of Sverdlovsk region took part in it. Children’s party is always nice. That can compare with a happy child smile? The answer is obvious. The question is different.
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Doping scandal, sanctions, NATO expansion, all red herrings.

The beneficiaries of the process are preparing a Maidan anywhere, USA or England is no exception. “Controlled chaos” translate into uncontrollable chaos. The Chow will soon cease to deliver in cities, which are home to 90% of the population. Then the townspeople will go to Rob those who live in the villages and like it comes in a whisker does not blow: it was already run-in we have in the 90’s, when the townspeople attacked the village and slaughtered cattle. Giving it to you to close the locks – still hungry will break.

Why? Well, speak clearly, openly – 90% of the population is superfluous.
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The future of “left turn” in Latin America (research report)

In July of this year, spoke at the conference of European latinamericanists in Salamanca (Spain). Decided to dedicate the theme of his speech to the prospects of Latin American integration and in General “left turn”. Fellow latinoamericanos consider it insane to talk about the future of the leftist governments at a time when the region takes place and in full swing there is a shift to the right. But I think at the time. The owl of Minerva flies at midnight, on the way out of the impasse at the time to think when the maze seems hopeless. Here is the full text of the report at the conference.
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The depth of the treasure

On the shores of lake Yalpug, in the Izmail district of Odessa region, treasure hunters have found part of the legendary treasures of the Huns. At the depth of 10 cm under the ground using metal detectors, they found a small gold plate, ornamented. Found plate is very thin, like foil. Rather, it is part of the upholstery of the seat or clothing or helmet of a warrior. We will remind that in 2006 in this place treasure hunters have already been found a treasure of gold objects, called “the treasure of Attila”. The total weight of the findings was about two kilograms

In Moscow, the treasures lie at a depth of 7-10 meters.

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Our nuclear base in Iran (as per night to change the map of the world)

Original taken from ledy_lisichka in Our nuclear base in Iran (as per night to change the map of the world)

That photograph of the Russian long-range bombers Tu-22M3 in the Iranian military air base Hamadan is, of course, already had the news that deserve attention.

The announcement of Iran that it “will provide Russia the infrastructure for terrorism”, that is, simply put, a military base is more of a sensation.
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Middle East turns to the North

Inthe East are tired of the intrigue! The East wants the World! Together with Russia!

Original taken from kanchukov_sa in the Middle East turns to the North

Original taken from serfilatov in the Middle East turns to the North

There is nothing more interesting than to watch the Geopolitics in real time. While being mindful of the eternal Maxim: “Politics is the art of the possible”.
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It is time to introduce volatile tribunals?

Original taken from oper_1974 in Time to introduce volatile tribunals?

Chairman of the Moscow police Union writes:

If someone starts to closely examine the situation in law enforcement bodies (Prosecutor’s office, the investigation, the police) and the courts, – and for this it is enough to read our Newspapers, watch TV, you will be terrified of the situation that has developed in the state with these “law enforcement”.

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Little things efficiency. Agricultural holding Tkachev taxied to the top of the credits of banks

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Arctic ocean – the inner space of the Russian world


A breakthrough in the Arctic for the Russian people had a special sense — he was preceded by the breakthrough in space. The similarities of the polar space with space is obvious: neither one nor the other suggests the presence of a person, and his survival is not due to the environment, and in spite of it. Arctic, then the space, selected the best individuals close to as Superman. Arctic purified people.
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