Red redistribution: who and how “pressed” billion for the maintenance of roads of the Irkutsk region?

Author: Leonid Fedorov

Loud corruption scandal in the road sector of the Baikal region.
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“There is no money. You there, hold on!”

As a primitive Khrushchev was able to beat the intellectuals and Stalin? Yes, just in the “regions” didn’t want their sons expected their way of life with linear fitters then become engineers/gunners, and by zapadlo to die in darned socks and with a few rubles in the savings Bank.

And” lost in the crowd of mediocrity.

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When broke through the Bosporus?

MY COMMENT: I don’t remember, someone put the question this way.

The black sea was actually an inland sea at one time of the Ottomans, and then the Two Empires. While the Ottomans not weakened, so that through the Danubian Principality to the sea rushed the Europeans (Austria-Hungary in particular). Here then was a situation of internationalization of the pool. The same France, building a trusting relationship with the Porte, had views of the dock in the black sea region. After 1848, when dramatically changed the attitude of the former allies against Napoleon to Russia and there was danger of the appearance of European armies in the black sea.
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Fluid policy

The political scientist Oleg Matveychev — about the new reality of a unified state apparatus in Russia.

In the decrees of the President can be traced to a single strict logic. As we can see, it consists in the fact that our conventionally “bureaucratic” state space is not closed, and fluid — similar to the English word liquid. Today’s presidential decrees demonstrated the three dimensions of this space.
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Of the hard-working Galicians and lazy cattle in the South-East

Why the West lives better to the East

I have long been interested in this phenomenon — why statistics in Ukraine shows one thing, reality it looks completely different? I think everybody who travels around the country, all the time. Going to the city, where the official statistics seems to be a complete ass. Arrive, and everything looks pretty decent and even in Europe it seems. Or Vice versa — you go somewhere in the industrial centre, where he successfully smoke some industrial giant. And there it was — the horror, the gloom and the Apocalypse.
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Suburban wonders of the world. Unusual objects and places of the region.

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Original taken from yar46 in suburban wonders of the world. Unusual objects and places of the region.

Erdogan cornered… (4)

Erdogan go will not let the fact! Caught, will be tried and executed! Europe and NATO for it “not fit”. Too much blood and other crimes. The situation can be complicated by “abandoned” by the Islamists in Syria. The angry and hungry can start cutting all in the first place of tourists. (The worst option). All located in Turkey, the recommendation is not to stick out of the nose of the hotels and the first possible flight back to Russia. And, in General, everything was as expected. Too, too, it is the Victory of Ataturk “belittled” and too basely betrayed military leadership that brought him to power… Well, that! Waiting for the “cleansing” of the region, the liberation of Syria and, in the future, the return of Constantinople to Russia…

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