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MASKI reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

Original taken from pomorjanka in the Mask is reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

Jim and Jimbo

Original taken from goncharovr in Jim and Jimbo

More than 11 million people looked at Facebook a video in which a man tries to hug a bear. Of course, these people are worried about what will happen next. The heroes of the movie that has become so popular over recent times, 59-year-old Jim Kowalczyk and 22-year-old Jimbo. Kowalczyk grew from a wounded cub not only the 700-pound bear-Kodiak, but also a true friend.

This and several similar videos have been posted by shelter for Orphaned wild animals at the Wildlife Center, which Jim organized in 2015 together with his wife Susan.

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