Want to return to Russia

Writes zazerkaliya : “Living abroad for 17 years. Everyone is always happy, and now all is well. But lately more and more often I catch myself thinking that I want to Russia. I want to move to Belgorod or in the area, I have relatives there, from there my roots. I want to translate mom, she is now in another city lives.

The most dangerous Olympic sport

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Make your body to do something beyond human capabilities — a constant path to serious injury. Even the Olympics where the best athletes of the planet, conduct our sad statistics. Recently, Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan broke his elbow, trying to take too heavy weight and this is just one of many such cases. Sport, of course, necessary for each person, but not the same price!

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Music page of 23 July

I somehow got sick. I don’t like, although I know a few people who get sick with pleasure. Maybe if I could afford it, like them, to just go and lie on the bed, taking care of relatives, idly staring at the TV, read books and sleep, then perhaps I would have another day to cheer in pleasure. But not used to that and because to hurt is not love. Hurt on his feet and looking for ways to support yourself and to mobilize. Not so much. To not fall into a high style about the duties and responsibilities, I will say only one thing – music.
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Scientist revealed "truth" about visions during clinical death

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How to get rid of harmful toxins in just 1 night

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4061666_123detoxis (592x355, 61Kb)It’s amazing! You believe in this?

Nothing complicated — it’s worth a try!
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New rule

Christians are supposed to compare ourselves with the saints and to condemn ourselves to death to humble ourselves and pray. I, as a citizen, decided to introduce another rule is to read the stories of the lost boys to comparing himself with them to condemn themselves to life and fight.
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 — for the strong spirit

If IKEA sold smartphones on the shelf exactly come out the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. To pick up the pieces but to get a familiar Android device with Google services, it will have to reflash. To reflash, you need to unlock the bootloader… Well, you understand. And strange to the Russian ear the name, it seems, invented a relative of the Swedish monster. The rest — one of the best phones for 16 000 rubles.

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