The pride of the Bundeswehr “sprang a leak”

Fighting vehicle Puma — the pride of German military equipment. A year ago, the Bundeswehr officially handed the keys to the vehicle, which, according to the manufacturer, is the “most powerful and modern infantry fighting vehicle in the world” (and the most expensive – approx judgesuhov).
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The planet is in the thrall of the Earth. Past, present and future of the moon

The Slavic name of our natural satellite – the Moon has the same proto-Indo-European roots, and that the Latin Luna. “Louksna”, “bright” the Queen of the night, has always had a strong influence on human consciousness. Phase natural satellite of our planet became the basis of the Terran calendar, and the Moon is the main object of study of person of the space environment at the beginning of the space age. Two dozen expeditions to the Lunar surface, of which 6 were manned, greatly enriched our knowledge about this slave Land. Under the cut is relatively short, the content of our knowledge about the moon accumulated over the past half century.
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