from the polynkov . about the war, lies, etc.

Original taken from polynkov to CALL “BAKSAN” ON the REVERSE SIDE of the MINSK AGREEMENTS , the CONCEALMENT of LOSSES, MUCH more

The main driving force of volunteer is a keen sense of justice. Alexander Rublev, call “Baksan”, in this respect, is not exactly an exception.

In this sense of justice is sensitive to such an extent that it loses all other senses. Including the sense of security. When it comes to truth and justice, Alexander thinks of himself last. These people crank call. Some say that simplicity is worse than theft, and these people I love. From them, do not wait sneaking. It’s the people justice and honor. And silent they will not. Even though the direct threat to his life.
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Beach time

The whole screen conditional welfare, the shining shop Windows of shopping centres, the ability of the population nor romalino to relax, “beautiful” life of the tradesman, is a social disaster. The decrease in the level of education – they are not happy with 50% of the population, the withdrawal from life perfect and its replacement by material aims, almost violent inculcating liberal, Pro-Western values in former Soviet people, now Russians, had led to metaphysical, ideological collapse. Note – not the Russian people, in official speeches, this is not to say, and the Russians.
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Another candidate is trying to remove their past from search engines

The candidate Eduard Bagirov preparing for the electoral campaign. What do I need to do? Right, to remove from the Internet the defamatory, outdated, and unreliable biographical facts (desertion from the army, stints in prison, expulsion from University, etc.). By law, any user has the right to remove from search results links to outdated or inaccurate information.
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Save and protect. Hundreds of Russian companies are asking to “make an exception” to the sanctions against Turkey

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[Sandbox] RuTracker for 6 years pays for the domain

Almost 6 years ago, on 17 February 2010, one of the most popular Russian torrent trackers (now has lost its domain name. The Registrar at the time of preliminary investigation suspends the delegation of a domain upon receiving an appropriate request from law enforcement.

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Why so secret: crypto-retreat is for the leading representatives of the bitcoin industry will be held in February

You can send your request to participate in the closed crypto-retreat e-mail (which will take place 26-28 February in a secret place), “however, even if you are the honored worker in the field of cryptology and innovation, your chances of getting an invitation are slim”, — stated on the event website.

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Fashion trend “a La Hitler”

Or Russianness or fascism. It is at the level of the cultural core. One or the other. And if this core is in Russia now offer to deliveryservice, then, therefore, he offered to ratifitsirovala, i.e. self-destruct.
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