Astakhov stays or leaves?

Астахов Песков

Astakhov on the news still appears, as a Commissioner, and the Kremlin still believe that children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov will resign, told reporters on Wednesday, press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.
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Come on!!! A present like School… And the poor “trade and economic relations with Ukraine”…

PUtin has accepted the resignation of the Minister of education Livanov

Original taken from aftershock_ret2 in Putin accepted the resignation of the Minister of education Livanov

BELBEK AIRPORT (Sevastopol), 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has appointed the new Minister of education employee of the presidential administration Olga Vasiliev. Who previously held this post Dmitry Livanov will be a special heads of state on trade and economic relations with Ukraine.
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In place of Pavel Astakhov suggested Irina Volynets

All-Russian public organization “Labour valour of Russia” (the address is available at the disposal of edition) has offered the first Deputy of the presidential administration of Russia Vyacheslav Volodin to consider the candidacy of the Tatarstan human rights activist and the head of the movement “national PTA” Irina Volynets for the post of Commissioner for children’s rights in Russia.

“I believe that the appointment of Irina Volynets for the post of the Ombudsman for children under the President of the Russian Federation will be the right and just decision. Irina is the professional head of the highest level and has all the necessary for do the job personal qualities,” writes in the petition, the Chairman of the Board of the organization Alexey Levin.
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Which one “ratings of governors” better?

Alexander Sperkach:

The political rankings, there is always the element of predictions and fortune-tellers always have a chance to sit in a puddle, but… Resignation Ilkovsky, reprimand the Khudilainen… Shortly before that, as ordered, both of the Governor was at the very end of the final 2015 research CEC “Rating”. In this 85 – Ilkovsky, 84 – Hudilainen. The assessment was surprisingly accurate, including in comparison with other known studies. In the final FCSD ranking Kostinsky, for example, Ilkovsky parts 51-54 of the position; there is Mr Orlov in the December rating of the influence put him at 76, and Judilynn at 67 locations (interpreted Chisinau the resignation as a victory, with “zykovskii” disagreed). By the way, set aside Gruzdev received in the CEC “Rating” more “futures” rating: 72 place, compared to 57 (FCSD) and 49 (ASEC). Always nice to see good work 🙂
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Once again Arseniy Yatsenyuk rose from the dead as a living, cheerful and arrogant political corpse. It is a natural result. Everything was going exactly towards that end, although the alternative of the resignation of Kolega was real. Why do you think Yulia Tymoshenko rejuvenated twenty years, dismissed the scythe and turned into a strict teacher in glasses with black frame? She wanted to speak from the parliamentary rostrum in Prime time and post a premiere from the tip of fluffy’s tail to the place, which managed to hold onto MP Baarn.
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It is time for popcorn. Not sure how it happened, but, despite the harsh decommunization, in Ukraine it is accepted to mark another, usually “historical” anniversary of the revolution. Of course “dignity” and not the capture of the Winter Palace. You just don’t realize how many patriots want to see the lighting ceremony “of rays of a gidnost” on the main square of the country, which became part of the beautiful necropolis.
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