the resistance of a material

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Only the master can give the guarantee and not 100%.

Manual glass cutting fraught – charted track glass cutter, held a couple of times – but no – a chip off the slicer and went to the side.
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Strangers in the Duma

Today across all Russia have passed pickets against atisalani laws. “All-Russian parental Resistance (RVS) held pickets in front of all major city and regional mass media to attract the attention of journalists and citizens to danger. The threat comes from two bills that the state Duma planned to consider June 21 third reading: No. 953369-6 and No. 953398-6.
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As the Greek monks fought with the Nazis

Original taken from alex54sar in Greek As the monks fought against the fascists

Original taken from matveychev_oleg in Greek As the monks fought against the fascists

Monasteries in Greece has always been famous for the ability to stand up for themselves. In the history of the country they often became centres of resistance to invaders. Here and in the Second world war, the monks played a great role in the liberation.

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Casting stone blocks

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There are supporters and there are opponents version casting stone blocks. Many facts cannot be explained by mechanical processing of rocks, blanks, except forming liquid or pasty mass, including solid types of stone, crystal, granite, basalt. I’ll add fuel to the fire or to shift weight in the direction of version of cast technology.

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The law on the FSB gave the right to employees of special services shoot on sight

And the brain to include them and not let ((( Shame.

…employees of the FSB were allowed to shoot at women, children and people with disabilities in cases of “armed resistance, commit an armed or group attacks threatening the life and health of citizens or police officers of the Federal security service, or a terrorist act”. Against pregnant women, disabled people and minors in such cases also allowed the use of restraint.

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