The place of teachers in the bourgeois state

The place of teachers in the bourgeois state

What is the teacher in the Soviet Union? It is primarily respect. Respect for the profession and work. The teacher is a guide of the child to the world of knowledge and discovery. This is the person who creates a springboard for the future of the whole country. Scientists, engineers, doctors, policemen, writers, in General, all workers and not only when they were children and went to school. They studied and gained knowledge, in order to serve the society, all of us. Depends on the teacher the most important thing — what will happen to this society, how it will look, what people composed. That is why teachers are so cherished in the Soviet society.
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The code of honor of Buryatia

Original taken from matveychev_oleg in the Code of honor of Buryatia

Honor is treated as an innate human feeling, an integral part of his personality. In the traditional system of values of culture of many peoples, the category of honor is more important than human life. Under the honor refers to a person’s awareness of their personal responsibility to their friends, family members, society and the recognition of human society as a person. People who observe the laws of honor, worthy of respect and has reason to be proud. Meanwhile, honor is a concept more internal, that is inherent in this category of person initially or he developed it during his life. This concept tends to deflect depending on individual foundations of concrete personalities, aptitudes, and living conditions. All this means that the honor concept is not absolute, but is multifaceted, including categories of both fixed and variable.

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“Not to stop and to try new things”: a Little history of Lehmannaudio

We continue to tell about the history of different High-End brands, and after a brief story about the company Penaudio in our list of German Lehmannaudio stamp.
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Went out for wool, came back trimmed.

Many women are not descended from monkeys, but from crows or magpies. These ladies pull on shiny things, glamorous, luxurious, bogatoe! No, by itself it’s not bad. Who among us wants to live in abundance? Everyone wants a Mercedes, salary preferably in the.e. house in TSAT hundred meters, rest a few times a year to Goa and the other Courchevel, and so on and so forth diamond caviar for Breakfast. But, first, let it be, you have to work, or rather, earn, or know a nice place to sit down in a leather chair and quietly to cut the budget of the country, for the benefit of a loved one. It just so happened in the country that is rich, truly rich, who know where and how to find loot not so much, and all the women their just is not enough. The rest, as a rule, not very rich friends. No, dear reader, should not think that in Russia there are poor. We are not poor, as stated by the President. We have just 90% of the population beggars or poor beggars. So all is well and stable. The law of Economics, if the family spends on food more than 40% of income, they are poor, and if more than 60%, they are poor. But, we will not move away from the topic.

Rich people, very rich people, usually have a number of zebov. He’s remains in place after the Bank account exceeds twenty million dollars. Fucked these gentlemen are different. While working on their first profession, I’ve seen different friends, whose money drove the roof. One, for example, flew from St. Petersburg to the hotel, every weekend, just to down roulette and slot machines 3-5 million rubles. He had no goal to win, the goal was simply to lower the bubble cloud. Second companion was fond of, went into female toilet to peep, by the way, many ladies would not mind, as reported by the hotel security. His fortune was estimated at several tens of millions of dollars. Another comrade, periodically beat their passions. And they did it with feeling, really, and beat until then, until the woman’s face turned into minced meat. Anyway, we all have our fucked up, just someone critical, and someone not. The phone rings:
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