Want to return to Russia

Writes zazerkaliya : “Living abroad for 17 years. Everyone is always happy, and now all is well. But lately more and more often I catch myself thinking that I want to Russia. I want to move to Belgorod or in the area, I have relatives there, from there my roots. I want to translate mom, she is now in another city lives.

Ancient artifacts, disappeared in the depths of history

In science there is no place for superstition and magic. Throughout history no one scientific question not found any magical solutions, while the reverse happens all the time.

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The Inevitability Of The Return

Original taken from andreyvadjra in the inevitability of the Return

There are things from which we are completely dependent, but which is entirely dependent on us. Before 2014, Russia was not even thinking about solving the “Ukrainian question”, merely trying to stabilize relations with “brotherly” Ukraine in a mutually beneficial position. However, this desire is not, in principle, could be implemented. The ideology of Ukrainian nationalism, permeated all the pores of the Ukrainian society and the state posits an independent Ukraine only as “Antirossiyu.” The whole point of the existence of the project “Ukraina”.

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The pentecosta rosenka Efimova has forgiven the Americans and return to the ocean because it is easier to live

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SpaceX conducted a test firing of the returning stage of the Falcon 9

Company SpaceX tested in the returning stage of the rocket Falcon 9. Level is ordinal F9-S1-0024, in may of this year, to orbit the Earth launched a communications satellite JCSAT-14. The first step in the return were planted on the marine platform in the Atlantic ocean. She will never fly, but to carry out various trials and tests with it. Now, the company has studied the work of engines F9-S1-0024.
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Dear hanter372 shared an amusing video in which a famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov introduced his liberal Pro-Western opponents in “full intellectual negligee” (the author’s text SW. hanter372). It seemed to me remarkable method by which Mikhalkov has done with Svanidze and young Director of the Yeltsin centre Dina Sorokina. Haven’t we already seen somewhere…
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The role of Faust in the Modern project

As if in continuation of the end of the previous report, the end of which was dedicated to the assessment of the influence of Goethe’s Faust to the twentieth century, the following report highlights the impact of the work of the great German poet of the Modern era in General.
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SpaceX needed two extra platforms for the simultaneous landing of three return steps

The company Elon musk SpaceX has successfully carried out another launch of the Falcon 9 rocket and without problems put return the first stage to dry land. This is the second in the history of the company’s landing stage on solid ground, not on the marine platform. Apparently, the process of landing return stairs SpaceX more-or-less debugged. And management now confronts a new goal: to plant three returned to the stage almost simultaneously.
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