The structure of the point 10 November 2015

Very interesting and indicative transmission Valery Fadeev flashed on television screens on 10th of November of 2015. It’s amazing how clearly the question of revolution captures the positions of various political forces of our society.
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Venezuela: the revolution must be able to defend themselves.

On the eve of elections in Venezuela deployed Plan “Republic”, designed to provide a peaceful flow is so important for the country Chavez elections. You know who owns the phrase “Every revolution is only worth something if it can defend itself…”? It Was Lenin. And Venezuela is mindful of this lesson. Let’s see how:
1. To ensure the security of the elections of the Bolivarian national voorujennyh forces (FANB) 163 mobilized thousands of military. The opposition has already said the election under the bayonets)) As it is known on the Crimean referendum…

2. But this army of people, look at their faces, it’s simple guys from the provinces, not mercenaries. The ranks are under the plate where is written the names of the States of Venezuela.

3. General view of show of force aimed at saditty people from clearly impending provocations.

4. Is the Minister of defense of Venezuela.

5. In the meantime, Maduro completes the election campaign. Nothing formal, Krsna sweatshirt, closeness to the people. And this is not hypocrisy and bigotry, Maduro as he is.

6. Two minutes ago, Maduro shook hands of people, ordinary people. Now welcomes his people.

7. But at the same time employees of the Venezuelan Corporation PDVSA hold a rally to support the government in the upcoming elections. They, of course, were kicked out under threat of dismissal. Anything else is just imagination is not enough to submit. But I dare to disappoint, came out voluntarily in an attempt to protect social gains of the Bolivarian revolution.

Waiting for the elections.

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Venezuelan news: March for social achievements of the Bolivarian revolution

On the flag is the logo of the social mission “Housing” (Mision Vivienda), and next – signed Chavez.
Continue to monitor developments in Venezuela. The other day in Caracas and other cities held marches in support of the social gains of bolivarism and for the preservation of the social mission, state programs providing social rights are not only the poorest but the middle classes. About this photo:

1. Obedinenie entrepreneurs of Venezuela (FEDECAMARAS) demanded from the opposition to cancel the majority of Organic laws designed to ensure employment and social rights, as well as to revoke a Law banning fraud housing. This was the impetus to take to the streets.

2. “I will not take the “Mission Inside the quarter”, says the poster. This mission is in the field of health, are actively involved Cuban doctors.

3. On the March of the Commune from the regions.

4. “Es amor” – the Revolution is love. Not in the sense of sexual minorities, in the sense of humanism.

5. Absolute fidelity. The inscription on the background of Chavez.

6. I protect the Mission “a New tricolor Barrio” program on the improvement of slum areas.

7. Women in the Revolution.

8. the opposition is going to close Teleradio company CANTV, which is hosted at the National Assembly. Of course, why would they? They have their reliable media. To avoid this, the government transfers the management of the company workers of the channel. On lpcat written: “KANT is the people”

9. “In the revolution guaranteed the 14 required vaccines.

I will continue to monitor developments in Venezuela.

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Where the homeland starts?

This name and the beginning of the song that probably everyone knows. Who taught or listened to, that remembers that this same phrase and it ends. For each it is something different, unique. Same people there, thank God. Where the city starts? Earlier in the Urals from the factory, with dam. From different parts of the city working people flocked to shift at a factory shop. Later, the industrial enterprises placed on the outskirts of the city and the historic centre, tended to become a place for townspeople.
In place of a mass congestion of people the authorities tried to set the monuments, sculptures in honor of the famous public figures, local figures of science and art. In this regard, the centre has become a magnet for meanings, and it is important that it will be located. In the Central square of our city the monument to Lenin. The leader of the world proletariat, the leader of the great October socialist revolution, managed to put together going to pieces the Russian Republic – the heir to the Russian Empire and child February bourgeois revolution.

And there was also a monument to the order of Lenin, red banner group. But 20 years after the destruction of the Soviets, in 2013, was destroyed and AlMg. This is understandable, in a country where fully gave up the ideas, replacing them with worship of the Golden calf, a reminder of the heroism of Soviet people, about the once mighty industry, was an eyesore. The playwright, a betrayal of the memory of ancestors, hatred compatriots made “strangers among friends” to get rid of the monument.

Instead we see how the city just becomes a sweet dream purchasers. One by one, without tiring, there are shopping malls. When there are no higher meanings of existence, the only thing that remains not to be tired from life, it’s fun. Some would say that shopping centres is convenient. And I would agree. But you will agree that the number of shopping malls in Yekaterinburg prohibitive. Recently opened the new Reichstag building “Passage”.

Become people and people become the consumers. Buildings that could be gyms, arenas, houses of creative development does not produce anything except of endorphins purchasers.
And isn’t that the meaning and the key of the city? So where begins the city is the birthplace of everyone who was born or decided to link their fate with him?

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