In secret around the world. Ukrainian sale of Soviet military technology

Original taken from nyka in secret around the world. Ukrainian sale of Soviet military technology

Military coup in Ukraine and the ensuing civil war could not lead to reduction of control over arms trafficking. The country has become a perfect match of small arms on the black markets of Europe.
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Statistics of the orientation of temples

So, for the solution of our question let’s return to the topic that excited the minds of the public some time ago, namely to the orientation of the churches on the earth. Still popular idea that it is possible to find the old North pole. Some time ago I was trying to deal with this topic, what with the beautiful website , many thanks to its creators, has been downloaded a list of surviving churches built 1400-1760, then the first 500 randomly selected were 200, then 100 for the first of them I found in GoogleMaps the azimuth of the entrance is the altar. For the first hundred enthusiasm have dried up, then tried to process the results. Turned out to be picture similar to a normal distribution, but two peaks at 75 and 90 degrees approximately.

Изображение - — сервис хранения изображений

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“Luna-25” 40 years after “Luna-24”


After 40 years, our country renews the Moon. Previous (Soviet) lunar mission was sent in 1976, then the spacecraft “Luna-24” made a soft landing, took soil samples and returned them to Earth. Replacedmoon-24” slowly, but still goes “Moon-25”.
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The science of Holy Relics

Original taken from matveychev_oleg in the Science of Holy Relics


20 years ago Soviet scientists who examined the remains of many of the Holy saints of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, suddenly “discovered” the secret of the phenomenon of incorruption: it turned out that the relics are contained in the purified oil without fatty acids or inorganic phosphates that contribute to the decomposition processes. But at the atheist time, such a sensation was afraid to give wide publicity. And only recently managed to obtain conclusive documentary evidence from the hands of one the inhabitant of Kiev, daughter of candidate of biological Sciences Tamils Reshetnikova (now deceased). In the 80-ies of the last century Tamil Reshetnikov worked as part of the state Commission for the investigation of the relics, hundreds of years resting in the monastery.
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The Falcon 9 is not detected after landing

The head of SpaceX Elon Musk announced in her Instagram that the Falcon 9 rocket arrived at the hangar at Cape Canaveral and ready again to start. Damage of the rocket after its successful touchdown on 22 December last year was not found.

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