History lessons: Letter of the Slavs.

Lagenda about the Glagolitic alphabet, Part 1.

Original taken from yar46 in the Legend of the Glagolitic alphabet, Part 1. The letter of the Slavs.

In a previous article flashed the assumption about the authorship of the Glagolitic. Consider the topic in more detail.
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There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed,
and there is nothing hidden that will not come out.

Mark, CH.4, PT. 22


the Slavs, being ethnic bastards, are not able to accept and bear the great heritage of the Aryan race, and the Slavs are not fit to be a carrier of culture. They are not creative people, this herd animals, and not persons, it is not fit for mental activity.”

Paul Joseph Goebbels, 1942, “Diary”

“And who were the Slavs? This barbarians, people who speak an incomprehensible language, this second-class people, it is almost animals. “ – The Patriarch of the ROC MP Cyril

People bitch. – Yuri Rost.

The attack is conducted on a broad front. And now, as the results of the interim phase of Armageddon, transmission “talk show” “Ntvshniki”. Theme named as “Russia without Russians?”, stated in the following ways:

“The Russian nation does not exist? Our vodka is Polish, the Kremlin — Italian, and mate — choice Sanskrit. So what do we have?”

Russians? What about the Russians? They do not, does not exist in nature, and all that, in “Raschke” lying around is ours! – this is the leitmotif of “the people with the right genetics”, which sent the fighting avant – garde of Ntchenko.

The audacity of them just immense! As soon as they heard about the Polish claim to vodka, then, without doubt, knew what the lawsuit was over – William pohlebkin brought to international courts irrefutable evidence and vodka remained non-existent for the Russians. The hell with the vodka, eyelids weren’t, but just then we caught Ntsdii Jews on a blatant lie.

But in Sanskrit, which I know was only that it’s a dead defnintely language, is interesting. Why are the Russians so vividly on Martov language babbling? Here, as sure as vodka is something behind it. Continue reading “Armageddon”