[recovery mode] to spend the 3 day weekend in honor of 23 February? Organized racing on RC-machines

New year’s weekend behind us, the first week experienced and now have a little time to prepare for the February weekends. According to the official calendar on Saturday 20th we are going to work, but may 21-22-23 will be a wonderful rest. But what you can do on the weekend? For those who do not plan a traditional party, a couch with TV remote in hand — will offer a party with remote control rc models.

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Naval news

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Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” at the end of 2016 will undergo modernization, after which he received a new wing, said on Saturday the head of the main Directorate of shipbuilding, the defense Ministry captain first rank Vladimir Trapeznikov.

“At the end of 2016 he (the cruiser) will be subjected to a modernization project and after its modernization it into your composition will receive a new wing, new features and will be in two or three times to solve their problems”, – said V. Trapeznikov the radio station “RSN”.
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20 CATS who know the art of complete relaxation

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A compilation of cats who, apparently, know how to truly relax! We should take example from them, perhaps…

I told you, we had a melon to take.
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Abnormally warm winter In St. Petersburg, grow mushrooms and flowers are blooming

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Winter in St. Petersburg every day sets new heat records. On December 22 the temperature climbed to 10 degrees above zero. This is the maximum for all history of supervision over weather. Nature responded to anomalous for winter months warmth.
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Alternative party

Last week on 25 November 2015, we have in particular Paphos opened Presidential Center B. N. Yeltsin, or Yeltsin Center. All the Moscow liberal crowd rolled in Ekaterinburg. Global significance was visited by foreign guests and other interested persons. And topped it all withaboutBor incumbent President.
The idea is good and the history of the country of course you need to know. However, the EC, like all of the current life in Russia is a continuation of the Yeltsin era – the era of deception. In the years of his reign, the country and people have experienced huge upheavals. Therefore sacrilegious to spend on the center of the 7 billion roubles and thus to offer “up to heaven” of the person at which the mortality rate greatly exceeded the value of the previous period, because about 10 million people died, was not found. As noted Chubais – do not fit into the market. In which the population was robbed by stakeholders; which were trampled, literally rasstreljany in October 1993, the democratic norms. Although Putin at last he closed his eyes and at the opening of the “Palace” said, “Yeltsin had a direct and strong-willed character, and largely due to these qualities, the country never deviated from the democratic path.”

Perhaps in time the tone and content of EC will change at the appropriate historical truth, and while popular opinion about the years of Yeltsin’s presidency, the actual statistics were presented at two sites.

One of them is in the form of a street exhibition “#Epochally. God forbid again” took place last Saturday November 28, 2015, right at the entrance to the EC. The organizers of the movement “patriots of Ural”.

Another alternative to “Yeltsin Centre”, street of Engels, 16 is our, Sverdlovsk branch of “essence of time”, the photo exhibition “the History of ellinizma. Chronicles of distemper time“has been working since November 25. The atmosphere and the content of the exhibition accurately convey the heritage of the Yeltsin era, the pain of loss and humiliation of the people. Drawings from the book by Sergey Kara-Murza “what is Russia heading for” complete the picture of the tragedy. This exhibition is about the lack of love for his country, the love she didn’t know for 25 years.
As the exhibition aroused great interest of the citizens we decided to prolong until December 6, inclusive.
The exhibition is open:
Monday – Friday: from 12:00 to 19:00
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 to 20:00
Admission is free

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