Journey into space in a balloon

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Dead pigeons had to be a warning to James Glaser, who decided to go into space directly into the balloon. 5 Sep 1862 scientist carried out a unique attempt to climb so high in the sky, did not rise yet, none of the people. Armed with compass, thermometer and a bottle of cognac, he decided to take six birds to put on them experiments.
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Version. The brain in the stomach is the source of intuitive Knowledge and Wisdom

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I wonder how many people dare to challenge the priority of one of the favorite and most used organs. Modern medicine removes the brain as the center, from which come the commands that control all the vital functions of the human body. However, the same science, and to it much earlier all the esoteric and spiritual over the (unfortunately, often flowery and vague terms) found that there is another type of intelligence, or rather of the mind that has no less potential and is able to quickly normalize the metabolism, functions of the various organs and subsystems. Is he… in the stomach.

If we consider this fact and should give due consideration to this information, it can literally change our lives. Did you ever think of such expressions as “gut feel,” or “a strange feeling in the stomach”, the Americans have, for example, the expression “feel butterflies in my belly (stomach)” which passed in our language. We say “butterflies in the stomach”, meaning a kind of excitement, sometimes the feeling of love. No, in the end, says – “the elbow I feel” or “butterflies in the gallbladder”.
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The collapse of the Internet is expected seven years

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Comfortable life related to the development of the Internet may soon come to an end. The bandwidth of communication channels in the coming years will no longer deal with the growing need of the population of the planet in quick information, scientists warn. There is a possibility that fiber optic cables will not withstand the load on the network.

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Common foods that were genetically modified

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is a hot topic around the world. Many European countries refuse GMO products from the USA, the same trend is observed across Africa. Many people are against GMO products and do not understand what they represent. Basically, GMO is an organism that has been modified in the laboratory by introduction of DNA from another organism. This is usually done in order to create plants resistant to pesticides or resistant to pests. While GMO products already exist around us, many people do not know that now is a customer. Therefore, in the United States is taking steps to introduce mandatory labeling of such products.

1. Honey

It is hard to imagine that honey contains GMOs, as it is a product produced by bees. But bees need to get somewhere pollen, and pollen in the United States is going indiscriminately — like plants containing GMOs, and conventional, non-GM, plant. Most often it is corn that has problems with air pollen drift and contamination. Bees all over the world collect pollen from various crops, and farmers engaged in beekeeping, it is increasingly difficult to ensure that their products do not contain GMOs.
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Theoretically possible space mega structure

Perhaps the bulk of science fiction for all time of its existence — since the “Flight to the moon direct in 97 hours and 20 minutes” by Jules Verne — one way or another operates the Grand products of the scientific-engineering thoughts. With the development progress expanded the boundaries of imagination of scientists and writers, and today in science fiction and fantasy literature already described engineering structures which are in scale and audacity of the plan deserve the term “mega structure”. We decided to collect a kind of the rating of such structures. With some of them you already know, and some will be new.
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Wealth and power are transmitted exclusively through inheritance

The study showed that the English ruling class exists since the 11th century, has disproportionately greater potential to belong to modern elite, and no rotation there’s no
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