Vladimir Vasiliev, Black relay

Just want to say I am a fan of Vladimir Vasiliev. A fan of rabid and irrational. From the very beginning, i.e. since the mid 90-ies of the last century. Vladimir “Vaughan” Vasiliev firmly on my list of the best domestic fiction. I especially remember “the Face of Black Palmyra” and “Anarctica online”. “Wolfish nature” is not discussed.
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The exposure of rudofilov

Sedofilia continues to mow down the ranks of true patriots, continuing to believe in the bright idea of visa-free regime. Once again I find it necessary to warn the alarmists, idiots and members of the parliamentary coalition: stop the panic! You undermine the foundations and, no doubt, pour water on the Kremlin’s propaganda mill. Actually, all is not as it seems.
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My daughter asked daddy to make her a suit of a Canary…

Original taken from strajj to Daughter asked dad to make her a suit of a Canary…

“The 25th morning, having donned my dad’s outfit in the mirror, I realized that, firstly, an ornithologist from the parent so-so, and secondly, life is over. In school we rode in silence, and returned also in silence. But seeing the boy centaur, I realized that the costume of a Canary – not the worst thing I could do dad.”
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