NATO has admitted or a warning?

Подбитый Су-24М

Russia opposes the establishment of relations with NATO that leads to such consequences as Turkey downed a Russian plane, was declared by the Deputy NATO Secretary General Alexander Vershbow on Monday, June 13, at the opening of the 11-th international security forum in Geneva, RIA Novosti reported.
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Kerry and Klimkin wooden Dildo

As it turned out, Hanna hopko (Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on foreign bag and European integration) can have up to three orgasms during a half-hour dialogue with the US Secretary of state John Kerry. Perhaps this is a major Kerry’s visit to Ukraine. Except, of course, new formulas of geopolitics, which was invented by Peter A. after a serious overdose of alcohol. Was still Klimkin, who helped his friend John to do some good shopping at Andriyivskyy descent.
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The press service confirmed that Medvedev came on a real

Press Secretary Dmitry Medvedev Natalia Timakova statedthat the Prime Minister went to real forever locked in Russia, and not on his “double” —

The incident occurred during a meeting of the government Council on cinematography at VGIK. The Prime Minister pulled out his iPad and went to the biggest torrent tracker, where it suggested to download the movie “the Survivors”.
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American Line division of Ukraine.

Original taken from natamax in the American Line section of Ukraine.

Saw new photos of partition of Ukraine on the map, and I don’t get it, what it is. Started looking and that’s what it was.

“Yesterday, watched the new series of the popular American TV series “Secretary of State” (Madam Secretary) and saw an interesting message… In the story, after the collision of Russian and American armed forces near Mariupol (where, pobedili, estessno Americans…), Russia and the United States, at the talks in Switzerland are divided nenka…
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Engdahl: Syria is a trap for Turkey and KSA slams

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I have a bad feeling that the US President intends to initiate a series of events that will literally blow up the middle East. Earlier, I described all the steps of the lure and actions of key players of the Obama Administration, including the President himself, Secretary of state John Kerry, the head of the CIA John Brennan, Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Joseph “Fighting Joe” Francis Dunford Jr (Joseph “Fightin’ Joe” Dunford Francis, Jr.), Washington specialist in dirty machinations, which is now the UN Deputy Secretary General for policy Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman (Jeffrey D. Feltman), and many others whose names are unknown to the public. Their reaction to the provocative actions of Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeking to become a Sultan and defence Minister of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Salman who may soon become king, taken within a few months after the unexpected entry of Russia into the war in Syria on the side of President Bashar al-Assad, clearly are not the result of disorder in the confusing politics of Washington. Washington has placed a huge death trap eccentric Saudi Prince Salman and his best buddy Erdogan. And now everything goes to the fact that the trap’s shut.

To start is a closer look at launched in early February in Geneva the third round of “peace talks” that take place with UN support. The negotiations, despite the efforts of Russia and Syria, became a farce. A Commissioner with the UN, trying to sabotage the negotiations is the UN under Secretary General for policy, Jeffrey Feltman.
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Old friend – Big Game under the rug…

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Sands: Putin will meet today with his old friend Kissinger
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