The pride of the Bundeswehr “sprang a leak”

Fighting vehicle Puma — the pride of German military equipment. A year ago, the Bundeswehr officially handed the keys to the vehicle, which, according to the manufacturer, is the “most powerful and modern infantry fighting vehicle in the world” (and the most expensive – approx judgesuhov).
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Syria came the Tu-214Р

Original taken from detonator666 in Syria came the Tu-214Р

Original taken from bmpd in Syria came the Tu-214Р

According to data of the resource Flightradar24, on the evening of 15 February 2016 to used by the Russian aviation group in Syria, the aerodrome Hamim near Latakia arrived from Russia the plane of The integrated intelligence-214Р (registration number RF-64514, serial number 42305014, serial number 514) videoconferencing in Russia. Judging by the data about the flight route, the aircraft arrived from the factory airfield of the Kazan aviation plant (branch of JSC “Tupolev”).

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The most unusual Soviet buses

Used to think about the buses, how about a sad iron boxes with seats? But among them come across very interesting model

To begin with the car whose driver was sitting… on the second floor. Of course, double-Decker buses known a long time ago. By the way, this construction worked more on the horse-drawn omnibuses. But the handymen from domestic US established in 1972, US-0159, where the chauffeur on the second floor was built a small glazed cabin. The machine had three axles and a V8 gasoline engine. A series of surprising the unit did not plan — worked out the most daring ideas, but the capacity of the bus, compared to the standard, increased by almost 30%. And in fact this is the main task of the creators of the buses.
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[The sandbox] the control Unit preheater Webasto (Arduino + Webasto = Ardubasto)

I installed on the car before starting the Webasto heater. After installation it became clear that management is not a discrete signal (like on my previous cars), but only via digital bus wbus. Bus W-bus electrical parameters is an analog bus K-line and has an integral Converter K-line – RS232TTL is the L9637D chip. On this chip, based on Arduino and it was decided to make the heater. The task was complicated by the fact that the Arduino only supports the transmission Protocol for the serial port no parity, and Protocol, W-bus operates from the port settings are 2400/8-E-1. To bypass this were removed waveform start command Webasto and the Webasto team to implemented timing delays.

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