“A prisoner of the apes


Lives in Sweden currently faring is Mrs. Eva Sulman (Eva Sohlman). Does the writing ostropoliticheskie Wikipedia in different democratic media, and lately very interested in Crimea. Goes to visit, haunting the cities and villages, and the results of business trips of tours writes an interesting travelogue. For example, the following text: In the Crimea come back kings. The theme of the Crimea and all sorts of different monarchs, to be honest, I found these so often that it should not be neglected. What is singing his song lady Sulman?
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No, well first I was livelier. Creative, with anguish. And this is not something. The silence at all. Although nine days have passed since the explosion Sheremet “Subaru”, which belongs to Alena Pritula, which in turn belongs to the “Ukrainian truth”. I leafed through the news feed on the nepolzhivye the Internet newspaper of the country. Generally no mention of the investigation of the explosion. Only missiles detonated in the valiant concern “Ukroboronprom”. Killed a NATO spokesman. By the way, the first time the ATO. At least, officially.
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