The pentecosta rosenka Efimova has forgiven the Americans and return to the ocean because it is easier to live

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News on the letter X

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Until all the appropriate attention fixated on oil, there are several very interesting substances, the availability of which is directly related to the oil, but not only determined by this relationship, and this is very exciting. Substances such a few, but I’ll start with the substance on the letter X — indispensable component of stainless steel.

Chrome. World production of chromium in 2015 amounted to 31мт, the largest producer was and still is South Africa with 15мт. According to the latest data, the world reserves of chromium (cost-effective and available for production in today’s conditions) are 480мт of them in South Africa 200мт. This allows for estimation of the remaining time of extraction of these reserves: 15~16 years for the world, 13~14 years for South Africa, and the concentration of production in the largest producer level 48~49% when the concentration of reserves 41~42%. Theoretically in nature (95% in Kazakhstan and South Africa) there is 5400мт resources (economically notprofitable, or notavailable for production in today’s terms) of chromium, but the best they can be only in a greater availability of energy (mostly diesel fuel for cars and electricity for factories) and creating the infrastructure to access these resources. For example, the Australian Pilbara, literally lying on the surface, offering iron ore, the problems of huge capital costs and lack of infrastructure leave strongly even lying on the surface of the product is not available in the category “resources”. So, given the current economic conditions and the unpopularity of the mining business among investors, it can be concluded that the available reserves of chromium should be completed by 2030. In any case, a new mine is being built 15~20 years, and even if everything is cast on to start digging, the first item will be on the market with such a delay. For example chromium I will consider other equally interesting for the economy of the substances even more interesting numbers.
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Antikoncepci front in the US realized that the half-measures they will not stop.

Original taken from abrod in Antikoncepci front in the US realized that the half-measures they will not stop.

Of course it is great that trump and Sanders began to beat her in popularity, but Hillary and impersonated her black microproject was never going to put your meta and geo political plans dependent on no understanding of the voter. Hillary actually put themselves above the law systematically and deliberately throwing out in the trash subpoenas, method inspiration opposite alternative decisions of the courts. Arresting her will only motorized rifle battalion, reinforced by a pair Thuтderbollt-s, and I am sure that trump will realize that the bullets in this battalion should be silver.

But for goin ‘ this must be serious reasons and violations of sereneti Secretary of state this is not enough. The problem is that her crimes on this post are so terrible that opponents of Hillary in the U.S. fear that their disclosure will destroy the reputation not only of the Secretary of state, and the United States. But apparently the instinct of self-preservation played a role ( and trump, Bush and Obama know what to expect if Hillary becomes President of the USA), and now it became known that the division of rapid response USA has already flown to the aid of Ambassador Stevens, when it became known that the Islamists stormed the headquarters of the CIA in Benghazi that served as the “Embassy” of the United States to anti-government rebels, and in the sky above Benghazi was flying a few A-10. But the whole force then withdrew the White House and Obama will have to investigate these facts and find out who gave the order, doomed to the death of 4 Americans and the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Stevens as suspicions that the U.S. Ambassador ordered from the USA and Obama is one of their suspects. And if it turns out that the order was issued by Madam Secretary, this is the basis for infantry battalion and the silver bullets.
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The history of the introduction of epaulettes in Russia

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6 January 1943 73 years ago in the Soviet Union shoulder boards were introduced for the personnel of the Soviet Army.

The order of people’s Commissar of defense of the USSR No. 25 of 15 January 1943
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