Today the Church commemorates the Apostles Peter and Paul. When I went to the service, it occurred to me that Peter and Paul were so different in their natures. Peter is always the first to respond to the words of the Savior, and consequently, quality cannot always lift the burden on their forces. And Paul, sober and very consistent in their deeds and words. Not to say that fire and flame, but all totally different in temperament people.
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As I’m in the year 2015, the space popularsocial

One of my first memories in the three years I sincerely rejoice that comes a wonderful 1989. Now the New Year has turned into a guillotine, which cuts off the last days of the year and slyly smirks “No time!” Well, want it or not, needs to report for 2015. Maybe to someone it will be useful.
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Happy birthday, Maduro!

“Happy birthday, President!” Today, November 23, the birthday of the Venezuelan President. Celebrating it away from home and in a working visit to Tehran at the summit of member countries of the gas exporting. However, presidents do not get used.
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