The place of teachers in the bourgeois state

The place of teachers in the bourgeois state

What is the teacher in the Soviet Union? It is primarily respect. Respect for the profession and work. The teacher is a guide of the child to the world of knowledge and discovery. This is the person who creates a springboard for the future of the whole country. Scientists, engineers, doctors, policemen, writers, in General, all workers and not only when they were children and went to school. They studied and gained knowledge, in order to serve the society, all of us. Depends on the teacher the most important thing — what will happen to this society, how it will look, what people composed. That is why teachers are so cherished in the Soviet society.
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About the leftist movements and the future

The experience of left movements in Latin America tells us that without serious consideration of the psychological and economic issues the social revolution in the modern world impossible. Dreams and theories (Marxist, or national liberation) is not enough. Attempts social preobrazovania society rests in the reproduction of the human type, who need the conversion, which is ready to fight for it and to protect and develop. This appears to be a common feature of collapsed or passed to the defense of left-wing projects from the Soviet Union to Venezuela.
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The collapse of a utopia of diversity

Many probably noticed that the last week or two our city is covered with cartoon “Zeropolis”. The trailer, which Bunny and the Fox are attending some official institution, state, staffed by sloths, it seemed promising. “Pussies are for children, and our brother will entertain the social satire” — I thought. Basically, the forecast was justified
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The gate for the juvenile justice system

Deputies of the State Duma that called left a door open. Taking the third reading of bills No. 953369-6 and No. 953398-6 elected officials opened the gate for deployment of juvenile justice in our country. Amendments to the Criminal code introduced into the legal field of the new subject – “a close person”, which in relation to other members of society the law will be selective.
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Model of structural interactions in modern Russia

In the last transmission “the game” Sergey ye described a model of structural interactions in modern Russia. The main message is that murder, the destruction of the Soviet Union was absolutely Soviet elite with only one purpose – to take over Europe, to create an unprecedented Alliance, a project of colossal power: resources, Russian nuclear weapons and technology in Europe. However, the Soviet Union was destroyed not only their own elites, of course, participated in this USA, and, oddly enough, Soviet society, the Soviet people. After the accident happened with their tacit consent, the full acceptance of what is happening.
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Beach time

The whole screen conditional welfare, the shining shop Windows of shopping centres, the ability of the population nor romalino to relax, “beautiful” life of the tradesman, is a social disaster. The decrease in the level of education – they are not happy with 50% of the population, the withdrawal from life perfect and its replacement by material aims, almost violent inculcating liberal, Pro-Western values in former Soviet people, now Russians, had led to metaphysical, ideological collapse. Note – not the Russian people, in official speeches, this is not to say, and the Russians.
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Goethe’s Faust is a hymn to anthropocentrism, turning into selfishness (2)

We continue to publish parts of the third report on the Face on the “Faust” of Goethe. And this is the first report directly discussing the work itself and its author. In the first part of the report it was mostly about the common ground and the author of “Faust” and about the society that from which arose this great product. In the second part we will focus the relationship of Goethe and Faust.
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