Digital bartender. Arduino project for adult beginners in electronics. Part 1

I have a lot of friends. Young men, middle-aged men and of course ladies of all ages. Probably all. It is difficult to determine the age of the modern woman. Yes, and not very desirable.

So. The children of my friends and acquaintances to the best of their ability, I take electronics. Build little robots, beetles, fireflies of all sorts, and even lightsabers. Children almost always work and of course, they run to brag about animated electronics parents. And so over and over again. But one day one of my friends, looking for another surge of pride in his daughter says – I want to delve into this electronics and programming, and maybe even something to solder. No question. Let me show you how to build a robot on a wheeled platform. Will travel along the strip on the floor. Or game will do, Python for example, or just pomogaem LEDs, or … went Through many examples. It turns out if for beginners, all some baby, if not for children, it is absolutely not for beginners. Something is wrong! Need lessons for BEGINNERS, ADULTS electronics. Let it be – digital bartender or a machine for mixing cocktails.
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The online shops sell USB cables-C, which can damage the laptop

Engineer Google’s Benson Leung (Benson Leung) is designed for testing cables USB Type-C and publishes reports on Amazon. Now he has posted pictures of one egregious instance that he came across.
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Minimalist super versatile scarf for ATtiny-24 / 44 / 84 / 441 / 841

панорама превью

A small shawl for ATtiny microcontrollers 24 —-> 841 diluted so that the same charge can be soldered (not simultaneously) there are many different types of transistors and registers without having to redesign the Board. For those interested or for those who want to change arduini on something cheaper, if the power of arduini for the product redundant.
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Mr President, let me go to the First channel!

Today at the forum of businessmen of the Russian Federation made a statement: “on the Internet easy to hide: to be rude, call names and state their positions extreme. But if a person has any position, has any claim, let him call himself.”

Just Putin and his team and behave in such a way that shit’s a lie, but to answer uncomfortable questions don’t want. Television and radio stations made fully controlled by his beloved. Another interesting fact, many bloggers prirovnyat to journalists and said Filter market comrades! That is, the responsibilities of the humor, but about the right forgot. On the Central channels of the same faces who sing the praises of the authorities and blatantly lie about the situation in the country. It is very convenient. Others on TV are simply not allowed. There is one point of view, the point of view of the Kremlin, and all the rest, so to walk out, although the taxes on these other, the Kremlin and lives. Moreover, Putin himself have insulted their own people, the fifth column, the Bandar-log, and so on that is unacceptable for the first person of the state.
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